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Tips to Help you Turn Vegan and Stay Vegan

A positive attitude and willingness to head in the healthy direction can help you turn vegan and stay vegan. Here's how you can turn vegan for better health.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / May 31, 2014

Turn to a vegan diet for better health

Most believe becoming a complete vegan is difficulty and can't imagine the life without typical flavours they have been used to. If you think that way, you are not being creative enough! A positive attitude and willingness to head in the healthy direction can help you turn vegan and stay vegan. (Image source:Getty)

Plan it out

When going vegan for health reasons, consider as much organic foods as possible. A vegan diet is only healthy if it's well-rounded and planned out, to fulfil one’s nutritional requirement. (Image source:Getty)

Selection of foods

Your homework will be to select foods that you like and mix them up. Make a list of foods that you will like in your diet (veggies, fruits and snacking options). Take advice of a dietician or your health care provider when making a plan. (Image source:Getty)

Eat as much

While you’re adjusting to a new diet, you must eat as much as you want. If you want a sandwich, make yourself a vegetarian sandwich. Let yourself off the hook for first few weeks. Don't try to also hold yourself to a strict or restrictive diet worrying about weight gain. (Image source:Getty)

Explore more foods

Hummus, falafel, burritos, tacos, Chinese vegetarian spring rolls and tofu are few of the delicious meat-free options. There are many such vegetarian selections. (Image source:Getty)

Vegan versions

You can make vegetarian versions of almost every meal you can think of. The possibilities are endless – replace meat in pizza with beans and grilled veggies, make homemade pizza with soy cheese. (Image source:Getty)

Never stop experimenting

There are thousands of delicious vegetarian recipes. Grab a cookbook, check out the vegetarian preparations. You can also look for vegetarian recipes on the internet. Try new recipes every week -- at least one. (Image source:Getty)

Keep those cravings down

If your body is asking for a nutrient that you're simply associating with animal products, you need examine that. You need to understand that you shouldn’t fall for comfort foods.  (Image source:Getty)

When eating out

When you are eating out, find a vegan restaurant where you can get a good substitute for a meat-based food. From vegan burgers to vegetarian soups to sour tofu are served at the vegan restaurants. (Image source:Getty)

Snacking options

Keep healthy vegetarian snacks handy to quell your hunger before you are ready for a larger meal. Fruits and vegetables are nutritious, so are nuts and whole wheat snackers. (Image source:Getty)

Say no to eggs

When you are considering going vegan, you must cut eggs out of their diet. It is difficult for many as many of our meals are based around eggs, especially breakfast. Start with a smoothie or a natural protein shake instead. (Image source:Getty)


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