Want a glowing skin? Try these miraculous beauty masks

Jun 14, 2017

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    Imli mask for tanning and skin whitening

    Now, imli or tamarind is easily available everywhere but due to high tartaric acid content, you cannot use it directly on your skin or it may cause skin irritation. However, you cab boil it and dilute it to reduce the acid. Now, extract the pulp and add a spoonful of honey to it. Leave it for 15 minutes, and wash off with cold water. But do make sure that you are not allergic to tamarind or even if you have sensitive skin, it may cause irritation.

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    Mango Mask for dry skin

    Rich vitamin A and C, mango can help you cure the skin dryness. Just take out the pulp of any breed of mango. Add 2 to 3 spoons of multani mitti into it and mix to make a smooth paste. Apply and let it dry. Wash off with cold water. Do it twice a week to cure dryness.

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    Spinach mask for skin hydration

    Nothing can be healthier than spinach, inside out. Grind spinach finely and add a tsp of honey and lemon juice. Apply and let it sit for 20 minutes, and then wash off with cold water. You will be able to notice the difference. If your skin is sensitive, lemon may irate your skin, so dilute it with some water before applying.

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    Oats mask for a clean and clear skin

    Yes, your breakfast can cure the acne and pimple marks along with other blemishes. Take some finely grounded oatmeal and add some yogurt in it. Let it dry for half an hour and wash off with some clean water. To get a flawless skin, you can use it thrice a week.

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