These natural home remedies can help you stop sneezing

Jun 22, 2017

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    Black Cardamom

    An Indian aromatic spice, black cardamom can instantly help you get rid of sneezing instantly. Just chew two to three cardamoms a day and keep sneezing at bay. How it work? It regulates the mucus flow in the nasal cavity and prevents sneezing.

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    Citrus Fruits

    Flavanoids present in citrus fruits like lemons and orange are very powerful anti-oxidant that builds and boosts the immune system. And one of the many causes of sneezing could be bacteria and allergies. Consumption of oranges, lemons and grapefruits will allow one to fight against the bacteria and prevent allergies.  

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    The anti-bacterial properties of ginger can help you get rid of the problem of sneezing. You can chew on pieces of raw ginger or you can grate them and add some honey in it for some taste. Have this every night while sleeping for better results.   

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    We all are very well aware of the health benefits that Tulsi has. Boil some tulsi leaves in some water and drink before bedtime and you will be able to notice the difference.

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    A great source of antioxidants, amla has anti-bacterial properties, which boosts immunity. You can either have it raw or you can extract amla juice and drink it to get relief from sneezing. You can add some honey to cure sinus problem.

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