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Reasons why your Girlfriend gets Jealous

Here are some reasons for your girl friend to get jealous. recognise them and work on them to make her feel better.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jun 03, 2014

Jealous Vibes

The woman in your life will always want you all for herself, and there can be no two ways about it. She does not like your getting over friendly with a stranger woman, and she hates it when you do not call her at least once while having your boy's night out. Women tend to get jealous easily. Know what are the things that can make your girlfriend pretty jealous!

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In Comes a Text

Imagine you are out with your girlfriend going for a movie, or having dinner. Then suddenly you receive a text message from someone and upon noticing you realise it is from another woman. Could be your colleague, your childhood friend, or someone else, but simply another woman can be a very risky undertaking. This can make her jealous.

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Smiling at Another Girl

When you smile at another girl and talk to her you do it out of courtesy, but she looks at it as a heinous crime. Your smile is only reserved for her and there are two ways about it. You are smiling and talking to this other girl because you want to hit on her, and this is what she thinks. So bad luck! She is very jealous and she will kill you!

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You Compliment Someone Else

Try complimenting another woman in front of her and all hell will break lose. Women feel insecure during such times, you see dating and mating, it is all about attraction, and when that stops everything else falls apart. Therefore, your compliments to another girl can be a threat to your girl friend, and she will be fuming with jealousy and anger.

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Checking out Other Girls

This is just wrong of you to do. You cannot be checking out other girls when you are out with your girlfriend. This can drive anyone nuts and she would be right to get annoyed. Therefore, everytime you are out with her you need to make sure that your gaze does not go wandering off to other women. She will feel jealous and additionally she will also be very sad. Don't make her feel sad!

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Facebook Friends

She has her eyes open when she is online. She knows what you are upto because she has you as her favourites on facebook. Therefore be careful, because every time you like or comment on that particular girl's status, your girlfriend will take a note of that and will interrogate you! She is feeling very jealous.

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Mentioning Someone's Hot Body

At times things get the better of you and you end up doing things that you should not be ideally doing. So, if your new neighbour has a hot body and you mention this to your girlfriend, then god bless you. She will not only be jealous, but will even stop talking to you! Do not ever mention such a thing to her.

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Defending Another Woman

Your woman wants you to defend her in every way possible, and by defending some one else in front of her would be a great mistake. Women like to know that you are for them, your wife or your girlfriend tolerate you taking someone else's side when the time comes. It also somehow looks very bad and wrong on your part.

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Paying for Another Female

Though it may be all right for you to pay for a female friend, your girlfriend thinks otherwise. You cannot pay for another woman because this means that you are spending on another woman which is probably a crime in her eyes! There would be no end to jealousy here and you will have a lot of answering to do.

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Your Best Friend

Yes, chances are that if you have a best friend with whom you share everything, you would be in a great deal of trouble. Because your girlfriend is trying really hard to like him or her despite the fact that the two of you are thick as theives and go along famously. Chances are that she feels jealous about your bonding!

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