These 7 Habits Make your Skin Oily

Apr 16, 2015

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    What You Sow You Shall Reap

    Oily skin is the most dreaded skin type, which is a pain to deal with. If it is keeping you down in the dumps, you should gear up to fight back the root causes, which could just be your unhealthy habits such as smoking, not drinking water, etc. Don’t know what could cause you to have an oily skin? Here are the top 7 causes.

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    Using Wrong Skin Care Tools

    We give little importance to things that we use on our skin and the most exploited practice is the use of tools to apply or wipe products from face. One of such unruly practices is the use of a wash cloth to scrub the face or the use of a rotating cleansing brush to avoid getting your hands messy. Use of these products can irritate the skin and make the sebaceous glands to over product oil as part of a defense mechanism.

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    Excessive Use of too many Skin Care Products

    In the quest for a younger-looking and clearer skin, we tend to over-cleanse, over-exfoliate and apply too much pressure or the product on the face, which can in fact, be counterproductive. Use skin care products as directed on the label or recommended by your skin expert.

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    Sleeping with Cosmetics on

    Makeup can be a great to use when you have to hide acne, breakouts and oil. But, what you put on your face is just as important as how you take it off. Sleeping with the makeup on after a tiring day is destructive. It can clog pores and make the skin to relieve excessive oil. When you are at the cosmetic store, make sure you pick those that carry “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic” labels on their packs. When removing makeup, use a quality toner that is formulated to remove leftover dirt and minimise appearance of fine lines.

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    Taking Undue Stress

    It sure is inevitable to experience stress in today’s world and when the skin is under stress, it can lead to an overproduction of oil. So, avoiding unnecessary stress by thinking over petty issues should be avoided because it seems to be the most common type of stress-trigger.

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    Indulging in Unhealthy diet

    All of us know that a healthy diet has lots of benefits to offer, but we still indulge. In some people, consuming a high glycemic food can lead to overactive sebum production. So, try and avoid foods that are harmful for the skin, especially junk food.

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    Lack of Proper Gear for Sun Protection

    Tanning is unavoidable if you step out in the summer without proper gear. Moreover, people tend to get themselves tanned because it temporarily makes the skin dry. But, such a practice causes an injury response, making the sebaceous glands to increase the oil produce so as to protect the skin’s surface.

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    Use of Incorrect Skin Care Products

    A lot of people tend to use the wrong product for their skin type. In fact, some may not even know their skin type. And, this can cause a lot of damage to the skin. For instance, if you use a cleanser for oily skin when your skin type is combination skin, it has a high probability of becoming over-stripped of the oil that it needs. The skin will then produce even more oil so as to compensate for the oil lost.