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The worst foods to eat when you are sick

Sickness is never welcomed and too bad, some foods can worsen it. Here is a post to tell you about the worst foods to eat when you’re sick, according to your symptoms.

Mind Body By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 19, 2015

What not to eat to aggravate your symptoms

When you are feeling under the weather, you need to avoid foods that have the potential to make you feel worse. But, what if you’re craving for ice cream or wine when you should actually be having chicken soup or crackers? What you should not eat depends on what’s wrong with you. Here are common symptoms and suggestions on foods that hinder relief.

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You’ve got diarrhoea

A stomach virus or a meal that didn’t really like you could have given you the runs. Indigestible ingredients in sugarless candies and gums containing artificial sweeteners can trigger diarrhoea. Other than these, onion, apples, broccoli, cabbage and beans are all known to cause gas and bloating. So, steer clear of these. Dairy, alcohol and caffeine also aggravate diarrhoea. Avoid them!

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You’re constipated

Fibre-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits and veggies aid digestion. An adult’s body needs 25 to 30 grams of fibre daily failing to provide which can cause constipation. Chocolate, dairy products, iron supplements, pain killers and some blood and anti-depression medications can worsen the condition.

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You’re feeling queasy

Foods sound unappealing when you’re feeling nauseous. The worst foods in this case are the ones that are fried, greasy, oily, caffeinated, alcoholic and carbonated. Take smaller food portions of foods that give minimum odour.

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It hurts to swallow

When you’ve a sore throat, certain foods can scratch it further. Hot liquids and hard, scratchy foods such as potato chips, nuts and granola should be avoided. Foods such as acidic juices from raw fruits and vegetables can also irritate a sore throat. Some examples include orange juice, grape juice and lemonade.

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You’ve body pain

When your body aches, eat foods that contain magnesium and calcium, but avoid anything that dehydrates you. Alcohol and caffeine do just that and can worsen muscle aches.

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Your head hurts

Dehydration is the most common cause of headache and should be treated before treating the pain. Of course, water is your best friend here. And your sweet enemies include artificial sweeteners, MSG (found in Chinese foods), aged cheese, hot dogs, deli meats and dried fruits. We do not have to mention diuretics because you’re smart enough to know they cause dehydration.

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You’ve an earache

Earaches aren’t associated with foods directly because they typically accompany other symptoms. They most often come with upper respiratory infections and therefore, foods that worsen congestion do the same with earaches. Avoid dairy because it thickens phlegm, with the exception of yogurt. Also avoid processed and packaged foods, which increase inflammation and lengthen recovery process.

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