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The Weird Things That Happen to Your Brain When You Eat Fast Food

Fast foods are unhealthy! Well you knew that but you really need to understand the effect that fast food can have on your brain.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Mar 18, 2015

Fast Foods can be Weird

Fast food is not healthy for anyone. While it may provide a delicious and quick way to end your hunger, it can also have some side-effects on your overall well-being. Fast food is quite addictive; it has a certain ability to develop some sort of addiction and meanwhile cause weird effects on your brain. Image Courtesy: Getty

Weird Effects

Speaking of side-effects of fast food on your brain, it is important to understand the risks and impact of frequently crunching on fast food. Fast food appears to be causing not only just obesity or increased risk of heart diseases; it is also interfering with your brain and your behavior. Image Courtesy: Getty

Stimulates Reward centre

Junk food makes kids up to 17 more sensitive towards rewards which can make them more vulnerable to ad campaigns. A recent study from YRCFPO, Yale found that on an average a kid under 6 watched at least three fast food ad campaigns while kids between 12 and 17 watched almost 5 ads every day. Brain scans showed that all the ads were trying to stimulate their brain’s reward centre to promote sales.Image Courtesy: Getty

Kills patience

A group of Canadian researchers found that fast food chains tend to make them look appealing and create a sense of hurry in their customers. It was found that merely thinking about the fast foods can trigger restlessness and hunger to a large extent. Image Courtesy: Getty


A group of Spanish researchers has found that people who eat a lot of fast food are 51 percent more likely to be depressed as compared to those who don’t eat fast food at all. The more fat foods such as burgers, pizza, or fries you eat, the greater would be the risk of depression. Image Courtesy: Getty

Spend More

When you eat home cooked, healthy meals you are in control of your kitchen as well as your wallet. You know how much you will be spending and with some planning you may even end up saving some money. However, when you are into junk food, you don’t really care about your pocket. You just see it, buy it and eat it as soon as you feel the urge to have some junk food. You may not really care even if the fast food is overpriced. Image Courtesy: Getty

Too Much

One of the worst things about fast food is that usually it doesn’t satisfy your hunger or in fact, it may even stimulate more hunger or cravings. Fast food chains add a lot of unwanted sugar and other additives to their food to make it more addictive so that you really can’t have just one. Image Courtesy: Getty


Most fast foods are high in sugar and it certainly is meant to have an effect on your brain. While eating too much of sugar can be harmful for your health causing increased risk of several severe health problems, fast food chains don’t really care much. They just want to add more and more sugar so that you like crunching on their foods for the joy of taste. Image Courtesy: Getty


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