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The Truth about Bachelor Parties

While drinking and binging are expected at any bachelor party, here are ten things you probably didn’t know happened at bachelor parties.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Jan 07, 2014

What Really Happens at /Bachelor Parties

Are you curious to know what really goes on at a Bachelor Party? You must have heard all kinds of things and don’t know what has or hasn’t been exaggerated. You would never expect to get the truth from your guy if he ever went to one, so want someone to give you the heads up? Is it really as bad as it's made out to be? Or are you getting all upset for nothing? We spill the beans for you here.

Married Friends Look Out for More Fun

If you are beside yourself with worry on the night of your fiancé’s bachelor party, relax. Party organizers reveal that more than the groom-to-be, it is his married friends who are likelier to cheat with the strippers or other women guests at a bachelor party. Married guys, who rarely get a chance to go to anything this wild and are usually kept on a tight leash by their wives, would be the ones looking forward to a bachelor party to engage in some pretty sleazy doings.

Girls Too Go Wild

If you thought bachelor parties were only about guys, think again. Women guests are as likely as their male counterparts to have a swinging time at a wild bachelor or bachelorette party and then wake up in the morning next to a complete stranger after indulging in a one night stand or being part of an orgy.

Groom-to-be can be Ridiculed

Bachelor parties are not only about teasing the prospective groom with a display of delights that he stands to lose. They are also about making him appear ridiculous and the butt of jokes among friends and guests. So while your fiancé may later gloat on the “really wild time” he had at his bachelor party, you wouldn’t catch him admitting to small real revelations.

You can be the Biggest party Blooper

Your fiancé may not tell you but one of his biggest irritants is likely to be a surprise visit from you or your maid of honor at his bachelor party. Remember a bachelor party is called so for a reason – to keep the bride and her pals out. Your uninvited presence may not only make him look like a wimp before his friends but signal a lack of trust on your part in his ability to take care of himself.

Groom-to-be can be Held Hostage

While you may have sent your fiancé to his bachelor party with strict instructions to skip the strip-club routine, his pals may have lined up some really wild items on the entertainment schedule and unfortunately there is not much your man can do about it. In all likelihood the poor guy wants just wants to get through the night without major damage to his reputation or person.

Bachelor-bachelorette Parties do Exist

Yet another unknown fact about such events is that more people are holding joint bachelor/bachelorette parties, according to Brettan Bablove, editorial director of Wedding Solutions. Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra were among the earliest celebrity couples to have initiated the trend in 2003. And even though they are divorced now, an increasing number of couples seem to believe in the maxim that safety lies in numbers.

He May be Hiding Details

It would be asking too much of him to disclose all the incriminating details of his bachelor bash. And even though he may not actually lie, hardly anyone would blame him for leaving out certain portions in his account of what really went on at the party. After all it is part of the night’s code of secrecy.

Not All Parties have Women Stripping

Not all bachelor parties need be about naked women and strip clubs. If your fiancé enjoys a particular activity like fishing or poker with his gang, his bachelor party may be planned around such a theme. Your guy’s buddies could whisk him off to fishing or golfing retreat and spend the night indulging a common passion suitably accompanied by lots of booze but not necessarily sleaze.

Bromance can be Immense

A real bonding among guys is probably the last thing you would expect to happen at a bachelor party. And yet most of them are not merely about binge drinking or watching a stripper but about hanging out together, talking and having some unmitigated time to themselves.


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