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The Pros and Cons of Home Wart Removal

Instead of these medical methods, there are several home treatments for wart removal. Learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of wart removal at home.

Home Remedies By Himanshu SharmaApr 24, 2014

What are Warts?

Warts can be described as elevated skin protrusions that occur as a result of some viral infections. These develop within the top layers of your skin on any body part, including the face, neck, limbs or even genitals. The warts in an area that gets bumped or is exposed to friction may cause  discomfort or mild pain. These are not harmful and generally painless, but can cause a great deal of embarrassment. (Image source:Getty)

Natural Wart Removal

There are many medical, surgical procedures and drugs such as freezing, cutting and burning to get rid of unseemly warts. Instead of these medical methods, you can consider using a home treatment for wart removal. Apple cider vinegar, duct tape and tea tree oil are some of the effective natural treatment for warts. (Image source:Getty)


For wart removal at home, you don’t need any medical help from a professional. One advantage of eliminating warts at home is that it is an economical means of doing it. Once you decide for home treatment for warts, you will find out that all you need is already there in your kitchen. Thus, you get a prescription free of cost. (Image source:Getty)

Saves you from Embarrassment

Besides being the most inexpensive means of eliminating warts, home treatment can distress the individuals who feel awkward going out for their removal. Those with a preference for privacy to remove warts, there is nothing better than home remedies. (Image source:Getty)

Several Available Options

Even when you choose home remedies for wart removal, you still have several distinctive choices including medical procedures and medications. You can also use home remedies as a complimentary treatment along with standard medical treatments. (Image source:Getty)

Not a Fool-proof Treatment

Home remedies for warts are usually safe, but they aren’t fool-proof. There is no assurance that you will get rid of the virus completely and the wart from the skin. (Image source:Getty)

Lack of Information and Safety

One of the disadvantages of wart removal at home is lack of information. Sometimes even if you know the remedy, you might not do it right. The home remedies are usually safe, but it is also important that you take care of your skin. Doing it wrong may cause an infection. (Image source:Getty)

Follow the Directions

It is very important that you research before starting any treatment. Follow the instructions on how to care for the area and what not to do. Whenever you are unsure if a home remedy will work or not, contact your general practitioner for what should be done. (Image source:Getty)

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