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The most disgusting facts about the human body

Discover some of the most disgusting aspects of the human body that you hardly knew of.

Mind Body By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Jan 04, 2014

The Complexity and Grossness of the Human Body

The human body is a temple, they say. But, if you look deeper inside, it is a heap of disgusting facts creeping out of the system. Here are some of the most disgusting facts about the human body that no one would ever have told you about.

Our Eye lashes have Creepy Crawling Mites

God knows what not we do to make our lashes look longer and thicker, but the fact of the matter is that in such hopes for a beauty enhancement, you are making all those mites crawling around happy. Besides, the older you are the more these mites have colonised your lashes.

Ear Wax is terrible but a Life Saver

To look at ear wax sticking out of a person’s ear is a terribly unappealing sight, but thank goodness for this gooey part of you or your ears would be totally unprotected from debris and dust. A lot of us overlook the fact that our ears are self-cleaning organs of the body and go as far as the doctor’s clinic to get the wax cleared out. Before you take the cotton bud, remember that the ear wax has antibacterial properties.

We have Fatty Deposits in different parts of our Body

Fatty deposits or lipoma mimic cancer but the truth is that they are just small lumps of fat. Typically, the human body maintains certain energy researches in the fat cells as a normal operating procedure, but sometimes, the fat gets deposited where it should not. This causes lipomas or fatty deposits to build up. While a lot of people may find it gross and demanding of medical attention, they are harmless.

Our Tummy is lined with Mucus

If you didn’t know already, mucus is a sticky fluid that coats many parts of our body like the nose, throat, mouth, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Al though, it appears that mucus comes out only when you have cold or throat infection, the truth is that mucus is always there. In fact, the body produces one-quarter and 1 or 2 litres of mucus every day. The mucus is important because it keeps the particular part of the body lubricated and the tissues from going dry.

Our Body has 100 Trillion Bacteria

An average human being’s body is less human than bacteria. The number of bacteria in the form of microbial cells in a human’s body is at least 10 times more than the human cells. They live in every nook and corner of the human body. But, the good news is that 99 percent of these bacteria are good and do not trigger the risk of any disease or illness.

Gas, Gas and More Gas

There is no way around the fact that everyone farts and burps. As long as you eat, you produce gas because the bacteria in your digestive system break the food down. On an average, a person farts 14-23 times in a day. If you calculate, you may be farting and burping at least once every hour. Sometimes, the average number of farts increases because the amount of gas one produces depends on the kinds of food he/she has eaten.

We throw up when Our Stomach is Full

A healthy stomach has the capacity to hold at least 3 litres of food and beverages. If you have already filled your stomach up to this limit, you will begin to feel queasy. Even though, the stomach can stretch a little to accommodate more food, when it has reached it maximum limit, it along with the intestines decides to throw the food back up and oftentimes, forcefully. So, vomiting is not that bad now, is it?

We Carry a Lot of Poop, and at All Times

When you eat and drink, your body uses the next few hours to extract all the necessary nutrients from the food and send the rest of it to be excreted. The parts of your body that take care of the excretion include both the small and large intestine and rectum. The small intestine is as long as 20 feet long and the large intestine is even longer than you expect. So, basically, this part of your body is full of stool and not just that, but mucus, dead cells and bacteria.


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