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Ring, Ring, Ring No More: How Listening became Passé with the Exit of Telephones

Gone are the days when we would sit by the telephone waiting for a familiar voice. Today, we are least interested in listening to people, instead, we are happy texting.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jul 09, 2014

Telephone Talk

We have stopped listening because we are susceptible to seeing. Gone are the days when we used to spring up from our seats with our hearts full of anxiety and mind full of curiosity, wondering who remembered to call on us? The telephone shrilled through our homes and rang out loud in our ears, and we picked up the receiver waiting to hear that familiar voice of the dear someone. We then used to listen, we used to listen to all the stories that we didn’t know about, some we didn’t remember. To have words of love, kindness, hate and every other emotion enter the ears and ring out on the drums was bliss. Today, we type, and we read, and we do not care for words to enter the ears.

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No Anxiety Anymore

There was a time when we used to wait with anxiousness for someone’s call, and now that anxiety is gone. Now, we are in touch the entire day and hence we do not really wait for someone to call upon us. During the olden days we used to listen because we did not listen from this person for so long, but now we know everything about everyone, what is there to listen?

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No Clue of the Caller

There was no clue about the caller, we did not know who is calling us during those pre mobile phone days. We used to just pick it up and wait for the "hello". But now we are aware of who is calling us because numbers are saved in our phones, and we go to the extent of ignoring calls when an unknown number flashes on the mobile phone screen. Who has the time to listen to someone unknown?

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Social Media makes you Say

Social media platforms are such that everyone wants to say things. Everyone wants to let people know what they think, what their ideas are, what are their stories and so on. Social media has made man more talkative than ever. We are constantly debating, discussing, making statements, giving opinions and so on. Then there are people who are simply reading and these people too pass comments, no one is actually listening.

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Too Much of Roaming About

With mobile phones we are constantly on the move, we are talking on the phone in the subway train, in the bus, in the cab, and for certain dare devils, even while driving a car. We do not have our minds fixed to the conversation which we are having, and so we do not happen to listen to the other person. We are always walking around and talking half heartedly, never ever listening.

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Narcissistic Behaviour

Human beings are narcissistic in nature, they are naturally so. In today's world, the art of listening is lost because we are too busy about our own selves. We are preoccupied with ourselves and we are busy clicking slefies in random places, just to make life look more glamourous. Listening is passe, there are no words to be listened to anymore, no wise man can enrich my life, look at me, I am King.

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Instant Messages

With the emergence of instant message facilities like facebook and whatsapp, we have forgotten the need to call people. No one needs to call anyone anymore, even our mobile phones aren't used for making calls anymore, we are happy texting each other. At such a time, it does not come as a surprise that the traditional telephone is long gone. This also means that we are not listening to each other anymore.

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Lack of Patience

Patience is a virtue, and much like every other virtues of human life, this too is vanishing at a fast rate. We were more patient then, and were not leading such busy lives, we could sit on the stool which was placed especially for the telephone and we spoke for hours. We spoke for hours, all the while twisting the wire, and drawing circles with the pen and the piece of paper which was actually kept for noting down phone numbers. Today, we do not have time to play with telephone wires, we do not have time to listen to anyone's stories. We just need to move ahead.

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