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The Hottest Relationship Tips Ever

To keep a relationship going, it is important to unleash the animal in you and let your partner do the same.

Snr By Himanshu SharmaJan 09, 2014

Keep 'em Hooked

No relationship can blossom without a spark in it. You want to keep the spark alive, follow these hottest tips. We bet you would keep your lady or man hooked to you for the rest of your lives. If you really want that, that is.

Play Games with your Partner

A boost outside of the bedroom can connect two souls. In fact, that is one thing that will make them want each other the most. Don't just put their heart into acting, play games to improve communication and cooperation. Games outside the bedroom can help you go all the way to an amazing time in bed.

Unlock their Passion

Read their mind to make your way to their heart. Knowing your partner's likes and dislikes is a big plus. You can react to the cues — smells, environments, music, textures, even certain foods.

Cuddle and Massage

Physical contact (cuddling and muscle massage) can unleash your partner's sexual mode. Give them a sensual massage and you will get the postcoital glow in return. Start with the feet, we suggest.

Let them Lead You

It’s not only your endeavour, give away control to your partner. A study at the University of Michigan on rats found that there is a dopamine boost only when female rats control sexual pursuit. You cannot always be in control. Let the woman have it this time and you would never want to take the responsibility again.

Get your Fingers Flying or your Moves Riding

Trying new positions in bed is not the only thing that will make your relationship hotter. You should try to learn a new motor skill because that is what is going to push levels of dopamine in her brain higher. You could learn to finger the guitar strings faster. You know your partner better than anyone us, so think of ways in which you can set off a flurry of activities.

Give Some Break

Once you and your partner know what is going to happen as soon as you step into the bedroom, the anticipation dies right at the door step. So, try as much as possible to take breaks between making love. This will build the anticipation and pool dopamine. Then, when you think it is time, do not go at it, just spend the night necking like you were teenagers.

Role play or become an Absolute Stranger

You could play the role of an actor she really loves inside the bedroom or you could introduce her to your friends through whom she can view you as a completely new person. When she sees you through her friends, who would obviously have a different opinion about you compared with what she has of you, she would want to attack you anew the next time she catches you alone.

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