The food that you must and must not eat during a gall bladder stone

Jun 02, 2017

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    What is gall bladder stone?

    The gallbladder is a little pouch and is located under your liver. It stores bile that is secreted from the liver. Usually, the gallbladder doesn't cause many problems but if something hinders or impedes the flow of bile from the gallbladder, problems may occur, such as gallstones. Apart from weight shift (too much fat accumulation), genetic traces, diet can be a cause of gallbladder stone.

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    How would you know if you have gallstones?

    People with gallbladder stone will experience mild to sharp pain in their mid to upper abdomen. The pain will be mostly sharp and frequent. A consistent feel of nausea and vomiting will be there. In some cases, the sufferer might have fever and chills, which often indicates that the infection is worsening up. Then sufferer can also get lighter colour stool and dark yellowish urine.

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    What foods to avoid in gallstones?

    The sufferer is supposed to avoid high-fat foods like fried food, like fried chips, meats with high-fat content, such as beef, pork, dairy products like cream, ice-cream, cheese, full-cream milk. Then chocolate, oils, like coconut oil should be avoided. Also, chicken with skin should be avoided. Then foods that may cause acidity and gas should be avoided like spicy foods, cabbage, cauliflowers, turnips, sodas, and alcohol.

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    What are gallbladder friendly foods?

    It is advised to add light and organic foods to your diet. And in either steamed form or raw form but a little bit of fat is necessary, so foods with a little fat would do such as avocados. Apart from avocados, some beets, papaya, apples, lady-fingers, sweet potatoes, onions, fish like salmon (in a moderate quantity)

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