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The Best Stories of a Life Lived with an Elder Sister

If you have an elder sister, you will relate to these craziest experiences every sibling who has an elder sister have probably had.

Dating By Ariba Khaliq / May 01, 2014

Sometimes They Steal Your Clothes, but They’ll always be Your Best Friend

Sisters are special and they are enough. Elder sisters give you an honest opinion, they help you clear the junk away from your life; whether it is moving out or moving on, they are the ones with rubber gloves and a trash bag to get rid of all the unnecessary. They steal bites off your plate and offer a cup of coffee when you feel under the weather. Their love for you is more than any lame-sister quote, movie reference or song lyric that could ever explain the bond. You will relate to these craziest experiences every sibling who has an elder sister have probably had. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Being the Guinea Pig

On whom she will try make-up, dresses, hair dos, food, pranks, fun and everything she has ever learnt. You are always the patient and she the doctor trying to diagnose you of invisible diseases while playing doctor-doctor. Also, she is the teacher and you a dumb student in her make-shift classroom. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


They Make You Tough

Because while you were growing up with your elder sister, everything and anything was a weapon of war. You might like to see if anyone can try to take you down. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


The Inevitable Crying

It happens over remote, toys, cookies, or mother’s lap; someone has to cry after the hair pulling, boxes and shouting. Of course, one of you gets a beating for it and often it is you. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Choosing a Career Ain't a Thing

The friend, philosopher and guide doesn’t let you worry about a career path. She has been there, done that. Sometimes, she takes the role of miss-know-it-all too seriously. Too bad! Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Far From the Madding Crowd

An elder sister always accompanies you in the awkward corner of family parties and discusses the shared lack of belonging in both the “adult” group and the “kids” group. She is someone with whom you hold an exclusively mutual understanding of just how weird and dysfunctional your family is. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Catching Up

It is a fact that the elder sister is always cool and the younger ones are always really annoying until they grow up and then also start acquiring cool stuff of which the older ones then steal. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Boy, She Made You Famous

You instantly become famous in middle school coz you know quite a few high school girls or boys. All thanks to sis. Although, it could have help to go to a different school other than your elder siblings’. Alas! Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You Were Adopted. Oops!

She has made you believe umpteen times that you were adopted and admit it or not, you have fell for it every time. Well, you ARE adopted. Just kidding! Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Powers Shift

You had immense pleasure simply by annoying the hell out of her! But, at times, you also got overpowered, locked in a room or bathroom when things got messy. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Partners in Crime

You always have a built in best friend in an elder sister- the one who’s been your partner in crime for your whole life. If that’s not the most supremely awesome thing, we don’t know what is. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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