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The best exercises for your body type

Face the mirror to figure out your body type. If you work out according to your body, you can slim down, tone up or gain muscles easy.

Exercise & Fitness By Editorial Team / May 05, 2014

Choosing Exercises for Your Body Type

Ever wonder why despite all the hard work, your efforts at the gym are not yielding results? Maybe the workout routine you follow is keeping you from away from the outcome you want to see. Face the mirror to figure out your body type. (Image source:Getty)


The straight body shape is that in which shoulders and hips are approximately the same width. The bone structure is delicate and limbs are poorly muscled. For them, putting on weight is a big challenge. Lift-off Lunge, pushups, leg raises and squats are the best exercises for them. (Image source:Getty)

Exercise for Straight Body Shape – #1 Push-ups

The push-up is one exercise that you can do at home to gain muscle. The exercise works your chest arms and shoulder muscles. Keep the count that you can manage; form is important. (Image source:Getty)

Exercise for Straight Body Shape – #2 Lift-off Lunge

Stand with feet hip-width apart and dumbbells up at shoulder height. Elbows have to be bent and pointing out to the sides, palms facing forward. Take a big stride forward with your right leg and lower your body until your knees are bent 90 degrees. Press the weights up towards the ceiling while pressing into your right foot. Return to start and repeat the motion 10 times before you change to the left leg. (Image source:Getty)

Apple Shape

Those who have round belly and a thick waist, as compared to their hips and shoulders, have an apple shaped body. The workout plan for them should be a combination of fat-burning cardio and strength training. Tricep pushups, squats, upright row and reverse lunges are the exercises for them. (Image source:Getty)

Exercise for Apple Shape – #1 Reverse Lunges

Stand with feet hip-width apart and abs tight. Step back 2 feet with your right leg, lower your back knee towards the floor. Both knees should bend at 90 degrees. Get back to the starting position and repeat on your left leg. Change legs and do 15 to 20 repetitions on each leg.  (Image source:Getty)

Exercise for Apple Shape – #2 Upright Row

The exercise works on the shoulders and biceps. Stand with a slight bend in your knees and abs tight. Hold dumbbells with your palms facing your body, closer than shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms till the dumbbells are in front of your chest. Lower the weights to starting position in a controlled motion. Repeat for 15 to 20 repetitions. (Image source:Getty)

Pear Shape

You have a pear shaped body if you are heavier on the bottom than top and carry excess weight in their hips, thighs, and butt. The ideal workout for this shape is a combination of aerobic activity with strength training. Squats, lunges, dumbbell exercises and pushups can make for a workout routine for pear shape body type. (Image source:Getty)

Exercise for Pear Shape – #1 Lunges

Lunges help sculpt thighs, calves and buttocks. The form is important; read an exercise manual or seek trainer’s advice. Complete 20 repetitions on each leg for a set. (Image source:Getty)

Exercise for Pear Shape – #2 Biceps Curl with Knee-Up

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hold dumbbells in each hand with your palms facing up. Raise your right knee while bringing both your palms towards your shoulders (bending at your elbows). Lower your right knee and hands simultaneously. Complete 20 reps before you change to the other leg. (Image source:Getty)


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