The best and worst sleeping positions

Jul 28, 2014

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    Are you Sleeping Right?

    While there is a chance you may have never thought about your sleeping position, the fact is that it has always affected your health as well as mood.  How you sleep can be very important for you as it can have positive or negative impact on your health. Here are some good and some bad sleep positions. Image Courtesy : Getty

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    The Fetal Position

    The fetal position involves sleeping in a curved position. It is the most common sleep position and is also one of the most comfortable ones, however it may restrict breathing and compress some vital organs. It may also promote wrinkles and breast sagging. Although it is very common, the fetal position gets a place on the list of the worst sleeping positions. Image Courtesy :Getty Images

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    On the Back

    This is a common sleeping position which can be very good for your sleep as well as the general overall health as it promotes proper blood circulation to the brain, prevents back and neck pain, and fights acid reflux. Sleeping on the back is considered a good position to regularly sleep in. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    The Log Position

    One of the most common sleeping positions, second to the fetal position, the log position involves sleeping with the body stretched out in a straight line. While the position is one of the most difficult ones to adapt to, it can enhance mood and health. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    On the Side

    Sleeping on the side helps with snoring, heartburn and acid reflux. The position is highly recommended for pregnant women as it improves circulation to the heart without putting too much stress on the spine. The sleeping position is considered a good position to sleep in, however it may promote facial wrinkles and breast sagging. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    On your Stomach

    Sleeping on the stomach is one of the worst sleeping positions and may cause some serious harm over time as it flattens the natural curve of the spine. It may also put stress on your neck, face, joints and muscles, leading to pain, numbness and nerve irritation. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Covered from Head to Toe

    Sleeping with a blanket covering your complete body from head to toe can be one of the worst sleeping positions or habits. It can restrict your breathing for several hours, causing negative impact on your sleep as well as your overall health. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    The Leaping Position

    Sleeping sideways with one of the legs forming a straight line and the other raised is a less common sleeping position. The position is one of the worst sleep positions as it may put stress on the joints and muscles in the legs. Image Courtesy : Getty Images