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The 7 most addictive prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are advised to help, but certain number of them can do more harm to the body than good. For instance, you may develop a sort of addiction towards one or find it difficult to discontinue another.

Mind Body By Himanshu Sharma / Jul 29, 2015

Sleeping pills

Occasional sleeplessness is a common thing. So, if you pop a sleeping pill one night, there will not be any harm to your health. However, it can become an addiction without you realising it. Sleeping pills can cause problems from breathing difficulties to decreased blood pressure.


Morphine is arguably the best pain medication available. The drug has strong effects against the condition it is claimed to fight. However, long-term abuse of morphine can lead to respiratory problems and even death in the most severe cases.


If you have been experiencing pain for some time now and have been taking aspirin to reduce it every single time, you can get addicted to it. You will gradually begin to crave for it even when you are not in pain or discomfort. And this regular consumption of aspirin  can decrease renal function, cause nausea and lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Cough syrups

Cough syrups are rarely abused, but they can become an addiction. They induce a euphoric effect to help you relax, and this can make you want to have them even more irrespective of whether you have cough or not.


Most people find demerol difficult to discontinue even when it has not been abused, but taken as directed by a physician. The drug inhibits a section of the brain that controls pain. Withdrawal symptoms associated with demerol are fever, chills, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression.


Similar to morphine, Opiod is a pain reliever that a feeling of euphoria and drowsiness by relaxing the muscles. Opiod abuse can cause breathing difficulties, fainting and blood pressure problems.


Amphetamines are used by individuals who need to stay awake for long periods of time. These induce a soothing effect and are often followed by periods of exhaustion, anxiety and depression.

How not to get addicted

When people are advised these drugs, some of them may enjoy the feelings these drugs provide. You should, however, understand that these are prescribed for a reason. If you take more of a drug than what is necessary, you could become addicted.



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