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10 Things You Should Never do when Angry

Anger is a negative emotion, and it can almost always cause havoc in your life and effect your relationships. Here are ten things that you should never do when you are angry.

Mental Health By Arka Roy ChowdhuryJul 23, 2014

Anger is a Vice

When angry we tend to become different beings, a bad version of our own selves. This is because anger is a vice. Anger turns us into monsters, and we end up committing mistakes, grave mistakes. Mistakes once committed in a fit of anger can never be taken back, they are the worst type of mistakes that once could commit, and it can only make your life and your relationships bad. Here are ten things that you should stay away from when you are angry so that you do not end up doing something rash and illogical in nature.

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Do Not Drive

Here is a very important point that you must bear in your mind at all costs. Driving a vehicle when angry can be very dangerous, and research suggests that drivers who are angry take more risks and in fact face more accidents. You get ready for an attack when you get angry and it is not the right time to drive a vehicle. You will also get tunnel vision and will not look at pedestrians, because anger contributes to tunnel vision and you tend to look straight ahead.
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Do Not Vent Anger

This may seem like a fairly reasonable thing to do, but you should not.This is because it only makes matters worse. It has been found that people who spent as little as five minutes in reading someone's online rants can become angrier and even less happy. Venting anger like hitting pillows can in fact increase your anger at that moment and make your more aggressive in the future.

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Do Not Eat

You should not eat when you are angry. If you think you will soothe your anger by reaching for food then you are wrong, as the plan will backfire. We are normally going to grab foods that are high in sugar, fat and carbohydrates and this is not good for us when angry. A heightened state of emotion inkoves in us a flight or fight response and the body thinks that it is in danger. Digestion would not happen in such a situation.

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Do Not Keep Arguing

When you continue to argue in that angered state of mind, you are bound to make things bad, and you will defnitely regret the things that you say. It is very possible to say hurtful things at such times, and therefore you must take time out and then come back to the conversation with a clear mind. Take some time and learn to calm down.
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Do Not Go to Social Media

Never ever wash your dirty linen in public, especially not on facebook. You cannot take it back after you have posted it in a public forum, and therefore try not to post any such things on social media. This will come back to haunt you as you get surrounded by your friends, and family. It gets even more frustrating, and then you have to give an explanation to all those who are interested to know what happened.
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Do Not Drink Alcohol

This is an absolute no-no. You never know what you may end up doing when you get drunk, because alcohol can only make your anger worse. In your drunken state of mind you can cause havoc, and worse, you may not remember all that you did the next day. Therefore, we suggest that you forget about drinking alcohol when angry. It will remove impulse control and you will be acting on your anger.
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Do Not Write

Never put your anger down on paper, as once again there is no going back from this. An angry email is just a very bad way to handle the matter, and worse, when you are using written words some can be more expressive. If you cannot resist writing your angry thoughts down, you should just jot them down and let it be. Never send it over to the concerned person.
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Do Not Hurl Abuses

When angry we tend to hurl abuses, and this makes things very bad. Because, even if the other person is not that angry, he will now get furious due to your abuses. Abuses are a very bad way to express oneself, and it can only make things much worse. Therefore, you must refrain from throwing abuses at random.
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Do Not Sleep On It

There is a saying that goes, "never go to bed angry"! This is a valid advice because going to sleep with anger on your mind can reinforce all your negative emotions, according to a study. Sleep could help us to process and also consolidate all the information when we are awake. Therefore, it is important that you hit the bed without any anger in you.

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Do Not Ruminate

It is really of no good for you to sit back and count all the ways in which you have been harmed and hurt. This will only cause you to feel bad and you will go mad with thoughts. If you are at the receiving end of something wrong, then you should learn to calm yourself down first, and only then you will find the right solution to it. Nothing has ever come from a heated and crazy mind.

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