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10 Signs It's Time To Dump Your Doc

Your doctor is your best bet to a speedy recovery from a medical condition and overall well-being, but there are situations when you need to reconsider your choice of doctor.

Mind Body By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Feb 18, 2015

Doctor Who?

You may have found a responsible and friendly doctor who understands everything you communicate and makes you feel comfortable. But, there may be situations that will make you realise that after all your doctor is not perhaps the right choice for you. It’s always wiser to switch to a better doctor if there is something missing from the scene. Here are some reasons why you should consider changing your doctor. Image Courtesy: Getty

Does not communicate well

Communication is the key to any relationship and that applies to your relationship with your doctor as well. You need to have good communication with your doctor right from the first day. It gets even more important during the diagnosis and treatment phase of your medical conditions. If you feel that your doctor asks a lot of questions and shares some feedback about almost everything, you are possibly in the right hands. However, if you have noticed that you doctor doesn’t care to ask questions or tell you clearly what he thinks about your symptoms and condition, you should start looking for a better doctor. Image Courtesy: Getty

Proposes Frequent rescheduling

Well, it’s obvious for a doctor to be busier than you expect her to be. You may have to wait for her now and then and even be notified about an appointment being postponed by a couple of hours or sometimes, even to the next day. But if that is the usual scenario with your doctor, it is quite possible that she is not as serious about you as she should be. You should raise this point once or twice and if the situation doesn’t change, you should change the doctor. Image Courtesy: Getty

Makes Wrong diagnosis

We have been taught to let go of other's mistakes and give them another chance but this can be a risky approach when you have your life at stake. If your doctor makes a blunder during your diagnosis, it could be a bad sample or the lab technicians fault, but your doctor should take it seriously and not let anything affect your course of treatment. If your doctor is not that serious about such a mistake, you should find a doctor who doesn’t let mistakes risk your chances of recovery. Image Courtesy: Getty

Provides useless prescriptions

If you notice that your doctor has been prescribing some drugs that are not usually required for your medical condition or the drugs are from a particular company the doctor has been associated with in some form, you should be careful about your choice of doctor. Take a second opinion about the prescribed medication and if you are told that some of the drugs are unnecessary, you should start looking for a better doctor. Image Courtesy: Getty

Hardly remembers you

If your doctor reacts as if it’s the first time he is seeing you, you should not panic, as he may be seeing a lot of patients’ every day. But if he doesn’t recall anything from your last visit, it could mean that he is not focusing much on your medical history either. If you notice that on some occasions he makes you feel like just another case of the medical condition and prescribes you something in a hurry, you know what you should do. You should dump such a doctor. Image Courtesy: Getty


Well, not always does it have to be the doctor, sometimes you have to experience a lot of inconvenience because of other factors. If the clinic is way too far from your location or you don’t get a convenient appointment according to your daily schedule, you should look for a doctor who is closer to your house or office and can offer convenient appointment timings. Image Courtesy: Getty

Is Rude

While it is rather unknown that doctors can be rude to their patients, rudeness can manifest in several ways. If your doctor doesn’t even care to hear your worries, no matter how wrong your doubts are, you are going be return with a lot of stress and anxiety. A good doctor never interrupts his patients and takes time to hear all their worries. Image Courtesy: Getty

Doesn’t take second opinion nicely

A good doctor understands that it’s your life and you should be worried about it and possibly take second opinions on everything from some other doctor. If your doctor doesn’t react to such second opinions nicely, you should be worried about his opinion too. It might be just his arrogance or ego but you should not take chances with your health. Switch to a doctor who welcomes and considers second opinions. Image Courtesy: Getty

Is always in a hurry

If your doctor is always in a hurry while seeing you, it’s possible that he wants to care about all the patients waiting for him. But if that is accompanied by lack of seriousness and professionalism, you should give it a second thought. If there are only few patients at his clinic and he is still in a hurry, you should better see a nicer doctor the next time. Image Courtesy: Getty

Makes you feel uncomfortable

If your doctor makes you feel uncomfortable, just follow your gut feeling and change your doctor. There is no need to manage with the same doctor with such problems. Image Courtesy: Getty


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