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10 Over-dramatic Things Women do Post Breakups

Breakups may be hard to bear and may take longer to recover from, but all the pain apart, women need to put themselves together and strictly avoid doing these things.

Dating By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 18, 2015


Breaks-ups are bound to hurt and make you feel uncomfortable and restless. However, sometimes people often do things after a break-up that they later regret. Here are some of the most dramatic things women do after a break up. Image source: bluegaze.com


Checking his Facebook

Women usually end up stalking the social media profiles of their ex. And, most times this practice ends with them getting more stressed and frustrated. Sometimes, the girl would block her ex, plan of posting a pic with another guy as revenge, or stalk his profile to see what’s happening in his life. But, all of this does more harm than good, making it even more difficult to recover from a breakup.

Emotional Eating

While girls may spend days torturing themselves with food deprivation just to stay in shape, things change as soon as they experience a heart breaking break up. They will eat more than usual, especially foods that they crave for. Emotional eating can make the damage even worse as it affects both the mental and physical health.

Deleting His Number

Even if the guy puts the least effort in deleting his ex's number, the girl is most likely to do it. It is a common post break up response for girls to delete numbers and even calendar events from their smartphones. But, why delete his contact number from your phone when you remember it by heart? Image Source: telegraph.com

Sad Movies

Girls start watching movies that end in tragedy and start connecting with them. But it doesn’t end there, they often end up crying and feeling sad for themselves as well as the person on screen. But, as soon as they watch something funny and end up breaking into mild laughter, they feel good. So, why watch sad movies when you can just help yourself recover? Image Source: beaut.ie

"Let’s Get Drunk"

Women tend to drink more after a break up. Even girls who were never into alcohol end up trying it and succumb to the feeling of numbness. However, it is only affecting their health as well as reducing their chances of a speedy recovery.

Sarcastic Statuses

As soon as a girl goes through a break up, you would notice her Facebook or Whatsapp statuses getting more sarcastic and indirect at the same time, as if they weren’t meant for her ex. Why set such statuses that make you appear broken and even more vulnerable? Image Source: www.vodafone.co.nz

Going Out with Random People

It is likely for girls who have just experienced a rough break up to go out with every next guy who asks them out. While it’s good to make friends and have some good time, you should do it only when you want to do it. Give yourself time to calm so that you can take the right decisions.

Texting their ex

Girls end up texting their ex once in a while and most times, they end up regretting later. First they want to just reach out to him or express their hurt emotions, but once the text is sent they end up regretting it.

Getting Rid of his Stuff

Sooner or later girls end up thinking about getting rid of everything that may remind them of their ex. Be it gifts, his pictures or even the apartment that they shared. They will even stop visiting places that they used to visit when they were together.

Blaming Self

Even if the guy was a cheater or a mean person, girls will blame themselves for everything. They won’t see things rationally. They will take the blame for everything and feel miserable about themselves. Image Source: Getty


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