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Ten Golden Rules to Live Life to the Fullest

we look out for new ways to enrich our lives. We don’t have to look anywhere else, because the joys of life are within us. Read the rules to live life to the fullest.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / May 08, 2014

Living a Better Life

We hear a lot about living a life of excellence. Your life becomes rich when you set goals, overcome challenges, get results and celebrate the victories. Every day, we look out for new ways to enrich our lives. We don’t have to look anywhere else, because the joys of life are within us. (Image source:Getty)

Be Yourself

You can emulate someone who is great, but you are not that someone. You can’t please everyone acting like someone else but can do so by being yourself. Stand firm to who you are. You don't have to be others; you just have to be you. (Image source:Getty)


Even a fake smile can bring happiness to your life, and the real one can work wonders. Smile is also a tool to trigger a viral effect in your surroundings, you smile and you give others a reason to smile back. Keep that smile on your face, no matter what. (Image source:Getty)

Listen to the wise

Open your ears to elders and share a laugh with them. Besides learning from the experiences they share, it makes you a year wiser. The experiences of others not only help you learn but avoid extreme failure too. (Image source:Getty)

Learn to Give

As the old saying goes, ‘The more you give, the more you receive’, you should keep spreading goodness by giving. There is joy in sharing the joy of other's happiness. (Image source:Getty)

Live the Moment

If it is not now, it can’t be ever. You can’t turn the time back and the future is uncertain to do what you want to. When today is here, why not make the most of it. Make today better to make your future better. (Image source:Getty)


Take that break, you deserve it and you need it to re-energize yourself. Travelling is a really good medicine to get rid of the things that eat up your head. Leave behind the world you live in and just rest. (Image source:Getty)

Welcome changes

Changes can make anyone uncomfortable, but you should accept them with arms wide open. Embrace and accept them as a part of life. When you adapt to change, your life gets easier and it opens plenty of possibilities for you. (Image source:Getty)

Capture the Moments

Recall your first day at school? You won’t be able to, as our memory decreases exponentially. Take the help of aids like photographs and videos to make memories. When you take those pictures, you can look at them and turn the clock back any day. Another way of keeping memories is keeping a journal. (Image source:Getty)

Try something new

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Just like the swimming lessons you’ve always wanted to take back in high school, the adventure sports or guitar lessons. Just go for something that can make you really happy. (Image source:Getty)

Maintain Balance

There will always be challenges and obstacles in the journey called life and you can go ahead only by fighting it out. The four aspects, namely are mental (brain), emotional (heart), spiritual (faith) and physical (body), have to be balanced. When this happens, you won’t ever feel the pinch. (Image source:Getty)


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