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Tell Tale Signs of an Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship can take a toll on your mental as well as physical health. In order to escape the trauma it is always advisable to follow the signs of an abusive relationship and knowing if your partner is abusive or not beforehand.

Dating By Vasudha BhatMar 10, 2014

An Abusive Relationship

‘’It’s better to have nobody than to have someone who is half there, or doesn’t want to be there’’ said rightly the famous Hollywood actress Anjelina Jolie. Not necessarily every relationship reaches a fairy tale end. Some relations can be a disastrous experience if the man turns into an abuser.

It takes a woman at least 5-7 instances to realise that her relationship is an abusive one. Sooner the better, by following these tips you can easily figure out if you are in an abusive relationship and can proceed accordingly.


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Being insecure about the person you love is normal but turning that insecurity into extreme jealousy or obsession is surely a sign of an abusive relationship. You must know that your partner is an abuser if instances of checking on your whereabouts, scanning your call records and texts, accusing you of flirting or having a relationship with someone else become frequent.


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If your partner tries to control your life to an extreme level, you are definitely into an abusive relationship. Instructing you how to dress, who to meet, checking the odometer of your car, taking control of your finances all fall under the category of an abusive relationship.


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Eager to Enter a Relationship

In the beginning of a relationship, an abuser always appears to be charming and attractive. He claims to have fallen in love with you at the first sight and show eagerness to enter a commitment. The abuser may force the relationship on the victim and pressurize her for an assurance.


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An abuser wants his partner to isolate from everyone else. He tries to keep the victim away from her friends and family. The abuser may also keep the victim away from going to her workplace.


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Blame Game

If you are in an abusive relationship, your partner will always blame you for all the issues in the relationship. An abuser never takes the blame for mistakes and becomes mad at his partner for all the troubles the relationship is facing.


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Ego Problems

An abuser is very sensitive towards his ego and behaves crazily if at all he feels that his personality is being targeted. An abuser can have excessive ego clashes with his partner as well as with rest of the world.


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Abusive Language

A very significant sign of abuse is the language your partner uses to address you. An abuser uses offensive words and says embarrassing things to his partner. He belittles his partner and makes her feel how incapable she is to perform her jobs successfully.


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Superiority Complex

A victim will always be made feel inferior by her partner. The abusive partner will always degrade her to show how superior he is to her. An abuser feels that he is the master of everything and his partner is not as knowledgeable as him.


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Mood Swings

An abuser vey often experiences mood swings. Due to this, at times you may feel that your partner is suffering from a mental disorder. He may behave sweet and delightful this moment and can be furious and violent the next.


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The most evident of all signs of an abusive relationship is violence. If your partner gets explosive and hits you over pity issues, you must know that your relationship is not going on the right track.

It always feels good being loved and to love. But when ego, violence and jealousy surpass the feeling of love and affection you must not think twice before walking out of the relationship. If you notice these signs in your partner, it is always better to quit than to stay endure the abuse.


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