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Talking about healthy living with your kid

Kids pick habits of parents – both good and bad. Parents need to focus on inculcating moral values, civic codes and healthy living in our children.

Tips for Parent By Himanshu Sharma / Nov 08, 2016

Healthy habits parents need to teach their kids

Raising a child is one of life's most rewarding pursuits. It brings joy into life and at the same time it can put forth challenges before you. Kids pick habits of parents – both good and bad. Parents need to focus on inculcating moral values, civic codes and healthy living in our children.

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Learning starts from the womb

According to the National Parenting Center, babies are actively learning and experiencing emotions while in the womb. Sing or hum songs to your baby during your pregnancy, read repetitive stories to your unborn child are some of the things a mother can do to develop your baby’s brain.

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Create a healthy atmosphere at home

Creating a happy environment at home is of utmost importance. Decorating home with bright colours creates a happy atmosphere for the kids and home cooked food keep them happy, comfortable and healthy. Eating home made foods of different colours isn't just fun, it also keep children interested. Try a new healthy recipe and take this opportunity to educate your kids about health and nutrition with homemade food.

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Involve children in shopping

Most parents think that taking kids to a shopping is not a good idea, but they should encourage. Sooner or later, you want them to learn about healthy living and healthy choices. Start today; involve your children in food shopping and preparing meals. Show them the label of their favourite packaged foods.

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Be a kid

Parents need to step in their kid’s shoes to teach children healthy eating habits. Children learn the skills better from parents who are like their friends. Be their friend so that pick up habits they can maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults.

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Don’t pressurise

If your child decides to eat less or more once in a while, it is alright. Do not force them to eat a lot if he decides. Make them learn about how much they need to eat and when. You can always include a variety of colourful fresh veggies/fruits, delicious dairy products in their diet so that they are neither bored of food nor at risk of deficiency.

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Limit their television time and motivate physical activity

There is so much of TV commercials and products promotions that tout foods being healthy for children. Kid’s choices may get influenced by adverts. Make kids understand and help them choose a healthier product. Children spend hours watching the cartoon shows and playing games. The likelihood of eating junk food or overeating goes up when they are in front of the TV. Limit the amount of time your child spends watching television. When kids find physical activities they enjoy, staying healthy and keeping active becomes easy. If your child hasn’t found their sports niche yet, encourage them to get involved in some physical activity at least for one hour a day. Take them to the park or involve them in some outdoor activity.

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