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Taking on Eye Allergies with Lifestyle Amendments

Allergies can leave you in bed and give you little to no scope for enjoying the breezy fog outdoors. It is perhaps time to take it up with the most unbecoming forms of allergies:eye allergy.

Allergy By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Dec 22, 2014

Embrace the Change of Seasons

Most allergies are seasonal, but when it comes to eye allergies, it does not infect the delicate organs after cross-checking the calendar for prospective attack dates. This is not barring some particular eye allergies that do welcome themselves during specific times in the year. Allergies, whether occurring in the eye or on other parts of the body can cause the eyes to be red, watery, burning, itchy and swollen. While the symptoms of eye allergy are unbecoming and inexplicably harsh, it does not post threat to the eyesight except for a couple of days until the allergy subsides or cures. A favorable piece of news is that eye allergies can be taken on pretty effectively with the help of a few at-home strategies.


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Stay Indoors

The foremost step before you take these self-help strategies to the T is to know what the allergy trigger is. You cannot protect yourself from any allergy unless you know what caused it in the first place. Once you know what it is, stop exposing yourself to it. Allergies are caused by foreign elements present in the environment, usually during mid-morning and early part of evening. Close all the windows during these times and switch the air conditioner on. If you must step out, ensure that you wear a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses to block pollen and other triggers.

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Limit Exposure to Dust Mites

Sometimes, the allergy could be caused by being indoors too through dust mites that live in the pillow and mattresses. Wash the bedding in warm water. Warmth of the water will most definitely kill all the mites. If you have not bought a mattress in the last few years, you should plan to get another one. Old mattresses tend to always teem with allergens. You could also vacuum the corners of your bedroom or the room that you frequent during the day. Vacuuming must be done three-four times a week, if not every day.


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Make the Best Use of Ice Cubes

A very common way to soothe bloodshot eyes is to wrap a few ice cubes in a cotton cloth and dab it on your eyes. You may also be able to find a freeze-pack at the multipurpose store. Hold the freeze pack or place the ice cubes on your eyes for 4 to 5 minutes. You must keep in mind not to use the ice directly on your skin because doing so can cause ice burn.

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Try Using Eye Drops

Eye drops are undeniably the best treatment options for a swollen, irritated or bloodshot eye. They work because they contain a vasoconstrictor, called phenylephrine, which causes the blood vessels to constrict. If your eyes are dry, try not using the normal eye drops. Instead, see a doctor and ask for specific prescriptions. He or she may refer anti-inflammatory drugs. Other forms of medication for treating or managing eye allergy include artificial tears and anti-drying gels.


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Clean the Floor with Damp Cloth

If in the name of tidying your room, all you do is sweep the floor, you are in fact, stirring up the allergens instead of getting rid of them. If you share your bedroom with a pet, you must keep replacing the carpets and rugs from time to time because their dander could aggravate your allergy symptoms. Rags and carpets are one of the biggest exploits for they trap the allergens inside them. You could replace these with hardwood flooring materials or other materials that are easier to wipe clean. Also, replace the curtains with blinds.


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Stop Mold from Growing Inside your Home

Mold tends to grow in moist areas. So, it becomes necessary to keep the humidity level under 50 percent. If you live on the ground floor, basement or where seldom any sunlight seeps in, you could use a dehumidifier. If you already use a dehumidifier, keep it in mind to clean it from time to time. The kitchen and bathrooms must be cleaned with a bleach solution. If there is already a slight growth of mold in any part of your house, make sure that it remains isolated from the rest of the space with plastic. Covering an already existing mold will prevent it from migrating to other parts of the living space.


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When Nothing Seems to Work…

Taking most of these precautionary measures can work in your favour, but if your allergy symptoms recur despite all the amendments made in your lifestyle, it is perhaps time to visit an allergist. The expert will run multiple tests to identify all those agents that lead to an allergic response in your body. The allergist will further work in conjunction with your ophthalmologist or eye doctor to reduce as well as eliminate the symptoms, especially if they are related to the eyes. You may be required to start a systemic treatment process that includes taking medication either orally or via injections.


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