Take a Spiritual Walk to Disconnect with your Past Relationship

Aug 04, 2014

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    Two Bodies, One Soul

    Life moves on and waits for no one. But, at times you get stuck at a point that seems to be the end of life. Such instances usually arise when a person you are emotionally dependent on makes an exit from your life. Although the person is no more available for you physically, you still will feel that some strings are still attached to them.

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    How are Energetic Chakra Cords Created?

    The entire life is a vibration including those of thoughts and words. When we enter into a relationship, there are numerous invisble contracts that get created between couples. All this is done through intercourse, marriage, verbal acceptance of being in love, or through poetry. These are soul contracts that create cord connections. So, once your soul contracts are formed it seems to be impossible to withdraw them. Here are a few tips to detach those strings.

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    Find a quiet place and relax. Close your eyes and start taking 10 deep and slow breaths.

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    Think about the Person

    Let your mind think about the person you wish to detach all your ties with.

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    Visualize the Cord

    Try to think about a cord that is coming from your heart or any other region in the body which pulls the mind to stay connected with the person.

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    Imagine Cutting the Cord

    Once you have seen the cord, imagine how it would feel to cut down the cord between the two of you.

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    Order your Subconscious Mind

    Direct your higher self and subconscious mind to remove all the contracts with the person. This may include letting go of things that you live with like your car, house etc.

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    Show Gratitude and Shut all Connections

    At last, feel gratitude towards the person and thank them for the lessons they helped you learn. Finally, visualize closing all the contracts with them.

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