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Sweep a Girl Off her Feet with these Flirting over Text Techniques

Texting gives you a chance to say things that at times, you may feel embarrassed to say to a girl. But, the good news is that you can flirt over texts while still maintaining a comfort level and giving the girl her needed space.

Snr By Vasudha BhatApr 24, 2014

Make the Right Use of your Phone

Ever since the advent of mobile phones, staying in touch with your loved ones at any hour of the day has become a cakewalk. But, putting this technology to its right use is equally important. And what would be better than using it to sweep a girl off her feet. Flirting with a girl over text messages is the safest bet. It will let the girl stay in her comfort zone and will give you the liberty to stretch the conversation as much as you want. But, there are always some etiquettes that you must follow when trying to approach a girl. These tips will help you.

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Don’t Be Boring

Using cheesy lines on her will surely make you lose your chances of becoming her dream guy. Start your conservation with something which she would have never heard. There may be many men who would have approached her before you so, to be different amongst all you must think of something innovative.

Example: Instead of simply saying `Hey, how are you doing?’, start your conversation with `I am sure you can’t stop thinking about me?’.

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Keep it More Personalized

The biggest shortcoming of having a conversation over texts is that you cannot know what expressions the other person is making on receiving each text and therefore, it makes matters slightly impersonal sometimes. To give some thrill, use her name in the texts as much as possible. Or, you can pick a nick name for her by which you can address her while having the conversation. Use terms like `us’ and `we’ as these will build the trust between you two.

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Give her Compliments

Complimenting her can work wonders for you at any point of time. You don’t necessarily have to be unconventional while complimenting her. A classic and conventional compliment will also leave her flattered. But, make sure you remain as realistic as possible.

Example: `I just cannot stop imagining you in that dress.’

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Create Suspense

In order to keep her interest in the conversation, don’t write lengthy and descriptive texts. When she asks you about your day, you don’t have to give her all the details. Instead, give her a brief and make her long for more information.

Example: When she asks `how was your day?’ reply `the day was pretty amusing. People around me are bizarre’.

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Create Intimacy

You must create a little intimacy to show her that you are different from other men in her life. You can tease her by calling her by cute nick names or by just reminding her of some funny incidents which you both shared together.

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Get Naughty

Flirting over texts will lead you to nowhere if you are not able to get naughty and catch her off guard. To keep your conversations interesting you must introduce some double-meaning sex talks. Like, tell her that you loved her in that dress, but you would have loved to see what was beneath’. However, if you don’t find it comfortable to send such messages, you can just use simple texts like `just took shower’ and wait for her reaction.

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Your Messages should be Short and Crisp

Long messages may make you look boring and desperate. Keep your messages short and simple. Try to be witty and funny but in not more than 2-3 sentences.

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Be Careful with your Spellings and Grammar

Remember spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are for teenagers. You must not write `lyk dis’. Quickly run through your entire text message before pressing the send button.

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Don’t Stop Texting Abruptly

Send equal number of messages and don’t just disappear from the conversation. There should not be one person sending texts in large quantities. If you find her not responding properly, don’t bombard her with your messages.

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Don’t Drag the Conversation

You must learn the ability to keep the conversation alive and if you drag it for too long it will soon run out of interesting things. You must end the conversation when you find it losing the zing.

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