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Surprising Spills About What Men Really Want in a Relationship

Here are some surprising not-so-dirty spills about what men really want in a relationship.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Apr 11, 2014

The Simple and Sweet Desires of Our Men

What women think men want from the relationship causes women to have resentment and anger toward them. Women feel hopeless about ever developing a wonderful, warm, romantic partnership. The sad part is that it does not have to be this way; here are some surprising not-so-dirty spills about what men really want in a relationship. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

To be Your Superman

They want to carry us in their arms and show us the world. Or at least feel that way. If we make them feel invincible, they’ll make us feel like we’re the most beautiful creature on this planet. They want to be told how manly they are when they fix something. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

To be Loved Anyways

Even when they stack the dishes in the dishwasher like a five year-old, say the wrong thing in front of our friends, leave the toilet seat up, get too logical, forget something we’ve said a thousand times, they need to feel that we love them anyways. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Our Unconditional Support

Every man is a boy who forgets he’s a man sometimes; and every boy gets into things not because he’s bad but because he’s got a curious mind and a short attention span.. Only when we accept them as they are, who they are, will they want to become someone better. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

To be Told How We Feel

And not to be left in the dark! So many women don’t tell their men how they feel because they don’t want to rock the boat. Men don’t want us to verbally vomit on them. But believe it or not, they really do want to know who we truly are and what we really feel. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

To be Woken up in the Night

By their completely naked woman. There are two things every dude in a long-term relationship desires: excitement and nudity. And with this little move, you're killing two naughty birds with one sexy stone.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images

To Communicate

Relationships without communication are built on sand. Men want us to communicate directly. They don’t get clues. They need things spelled out. You want them to want to do the dishes. They get it. Explain. Model how you would like them to communicate back.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Workout with a Their Partner

There’s nothing sexier than working out with your intimate partner. Watching us sweat and work on our body only encourages men to work on their’s as well. They get to see the raw and real us, a different type of naked. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Us To Have Our Own Lives

Really. They want us to have our own set of friends, activities, and passions. Of course they want to be supportive of everything we care about and be a part of anything we would like us to be a part of, but they want us to have our own identity. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Handle the Kids Solo

Getting into a little mischief with the kiddies is one of the inalienable rights of fatherhood. Running around like maniacs, eating ice cream before lunch -- these are the kinds of bonding sessions they dream about while stuck in their dreary offices. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

More Nagging

The good one only, though! They may bitch and moan about our pestering, but at the end of the day, they know that we're just looking out for them, and though they'll never admit it, that makes them feel pretty great. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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