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Surprising Irritants that can Worsen your Allergy Symptoms

If your morning starts with a heavy round of sneezing and sniffling, you must know it by now that you are highly allergic to some substances. Medications for allergies can surely soothe the symptoms but, there are irritants in the environment that ca

Allergy By Vasudha Bhat / Sep 06, 2014

The Hidden Irritants

A running nose and itchy eyes can ruin your day. People who suffer from it dread the day when it recurs. You want to decrease the effect of allergies as much as possible but, unknowingly you come in contact with various environmental irritants that make the symptoms worse. You must learn about such culprits to stay at a distance from them if you wish to prevent your symptoms from worsening. Here are some of them listed for you.

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Eating Foods with Pollen-like Proteins

If you have been suffering from constant sneezing and coughing, you can blame it on the fruits and vegetables you just ate. A protein found on the surface of raw fruits and vegetables like apples, tomatoes and cantaloupe can trigger pollen allergy. However, peeling the raw fruits before eating can decrease the risk.

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Contact Lenses

Whenever you feel that pollen allergy has attacked, settling your glasses on your nose will be a better option than putting on your contact lenses. Lenses, especially the soft ones are at a higher risk of absorbing airborne irritants like pollen or smoke. This happens because contact lenses are absorbent in nature.

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This may sound unbelievable to many but, stress has serious implications on your health than you thought. Stress can worsen your symptoms and make you prone to more sneezing. Shut your eyes or find anything that relaxes you and you will find yourself in a better condition.

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A heavy head due to hangover or a damaged liver:Is that all you thought alcohol does? Well, then you may be shocked to know that a glass of red wine can make your allergy symptoms go out of control. Alcohol contains sulfites which can worsen the allergies and these compounds can be found in both beer and wine.

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Perfumes and Candles

Any product that has an added fragrance can act as an irritant for the lining of the eyelids and nasal passage. Products like perfumes, scented candles, incense and holiday decorations can harm you. However, you cannot stop breathing even if these irritants are all around you. Hence, the best option available is to take medications to soothe the symptoms.

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When you take a dip in a chlorinated pool or just sit near it, you put yourself at the risk of allergies. Chlorine can prove to be as bad as an incense stick or a bottle of perfume. Indoor pools can even worsen things further as the chlorine content is in a smaller space.

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Most of us tend to wear woolens more than once without washing them. But, did you know dust and pollen can easily cling on to your favourite sweater?  During allergy season it becomes very important to wash your clothes after each time you wear them. You can also use hot water to wash clothes to get rid of irritants completely.

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Bathing in the Morning

Besides your clothes, pollens can also get stuck to your skin and hair. If you wake up sneezing every morning, take a shower before going to bed every night. This will help you to get rid of allergens attached to your body and you can wake up fresh.

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Allergies tend to get worse in dry, sunny and windy season as the trees tend to release more pollen in these climatic conditions. This means that there would be more pollen in the air making it a bad day for allergies.

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