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Suprising Reasons Why Men have Erectile Dysfunction and their Natural Solutions

You could be having erectile dysfunction because of the drugs you have been taking or the shopping you have been doing too regularly. Discover some of the surprising causes of ED and how you can treat them naturally.

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 29, 2014

Erectile Dysfunction, the Global Pandemic

Apparently, with each baby born in this world, there is one more man going down the "I am impotent" drainpipe. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sex problems in men that is also a cause for depression and emotional instability in them. But, save heart because we bring to you some surprising causes of ED and how you can get treated for it without going to a doctor.

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Drugs for Prostate Enlargement or Hair Loss

All medicinal drugs have some side-effect of the other and some manifest in the form of ED. If you have male pattern baldness and are receiving treatment for it in the form of drugs, you could be already having a hard time getting an erection, says that Journal of Sexual Medicine. How do they do that? They reduce the amount of dihydrotestosterone circulating in the bloodstream. If you think that you are experiencing ED since the time you started taking these meds, speak to your doctor and have their dosage limited.

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Gum Disease

If you are suffering from a gum disease, you will eventually end up with erectile dysfunction. This was found in a study that published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study suggests that gum diseases are indicative of poor overall health. That it increases the risk of heart diseases, it is not surprising to be told that gum diseases can also cause erectile dysfunction. Keep your gums clean by flossing your mouth from time to time and brushing teeth twice a day. If your gums bleed, get yourself an appointment with the dentist and ask for ways to stop them from bleeding.

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Your Girlfriend/boyfriend getting closer to your Buddies

It is all in the mind. Psychological facts play an important role in sexual performance. So, if your girlfriend or boyfriend is getting closer to your male/female friends, your sexual desire will automatically be clouded by thoughts of infidelity and such. Researchers have found in their studies that a man whose partner got too close to his friends is about 92 percent likely to experience a hard time having or maintaining an erection. Speak to your partner about the discomfort that you are experiencing  because of their close mental proximity to your friends. Once you have talked it out, you will feel much better.

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When you place yourself on a bike seat, you tend to bear the weight on the nerves as well as arteries that carry blood to the penis. After a prolonged period of this, the vessels get damaged, causing decrease in blood flow to the penis as well as a risk of erective dysfunction. The best you can do to prevent bicycling-induced ED is by reducing the number of trips you make on it each day.

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Diabetic men are two to three times more likely to have erectile dysfunction compared with those who do not have it. This is because poorly regulated blood sugar levels can cause damage to the nerves as well as small blood vessels, thus disrupting the flow of blood to the penis. If you are diabetic, but still want your potency intact, work strictly towards managing your blood sugar levels. Exercise and eat the right food. You should be fine.

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High Blood Pressure

For an erection to stay longer or for it to even happen in the first place it is very important for the person to have healthy blood vessels as well as sufficient amount of blood flow. Certain medications that are used for the treatment of blood pressure can reduce one’s ability to have an erection. So, it is better to make sure you manage blood pressure naturally by controlling diet should you not want to have erectile dysfunction. Exercise may help you to lower blood pressure.

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It is common for people to not feel like having sex when they are just not up to it. Depression can trigger low levels of libido and make one highly susceptible to ED. About 61 percent of people who go through severe depression experience sexual problems and depression can sometimes, do more than just bring your interest in sex down. Try to understand and realise that your depressive state may be a cause for problems in your life such as those related to sexual relationships. Try to speak to your doctor about the natural ways in which you can get out of the depressive state.

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Cash Receipts

All men deal with cash receipts at least 3-5 times a day on an average. The transactions that we make are endless and about 40 percent of the receipts that we receive today are coated with a hormone-disrupting chemical that has been linked to fertility issues as well as heart diseases. Men who have higher level of this chemical tend to have low sperm counts as well as low sperm quality. One way you can protect yourself from this damage is by refusing to take printed receipts if you are bound to receive electronic receipt for the transaction. If you do need the receipt, make sure that you keep them inside a folder and not the wallet.

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Canned Food

BPA contamination is caused the most when one comes in contact with canned food. It may be convenient to buy and keep canned foods, but the metal that the food is stored in is coated with BPA resin which then moves on to the food. Try to avoid purchasing canned food as much as possible, instead choose fresh or frozen foods as much as possible or you could also pick foods that are packed in glass jars.

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Sex Toys

If you want to protect yourself and your partner, keep away from using dildos, male pleasure devices and vibrators out of your houses. These are made of plastic that push out plastic-softening chemicals that are linked to cancer, birth defects, allergies and finally infertility. You could spice up your sex life by investing in foreplay products that are environment-friendly.

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Lack of Blood Flow

For an erection to stay longer or for it to even happen in the first place it is very important for the person to have healthy blood vessels as well as sufficient amount of blood flow. So, hit the spa for a regular massage and drink lots of water to ensure that there is sufficient amount of blood flow throughout the body.

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