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Surprising Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin is discomforting and feels itchy. People with such a skin type are further prone to dryness and are therefore, always looking for ways to hydrate it. But before you look for its remedy, you must know what is causing your skin to parch.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Sep 18, 2014

Lack of Moisture

A day that starts with a smooth and soft skin ends with a cracked and dry one. Your skin usually feels itchy and dry when it lacks moisture from some sneaky skin dehydrators lurking in surprising places. A dry skin is not just unsightly but discomforting too. To remedy dry skin, you must first find out the offenders lurking in your environment or lifestyle which make your skin go parch. By identifying and battling these culprits, you can get a baby soft skin that stays so 24/7.

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Fragrance irritates dry skin and makes it worse, so you must avoid wearing deodorants and skin products that contain perfume. Even body lotions and creams which have perfume in them cause your skin more harm than good. When buying your personal care items, check the labels for the word fragrance. Look for formulas that contain ingredients like honey and vanilla, and bean-based butters like cocoa and shea for hydration that coats skin in delicious, non-drying scents.

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Cleansing robs your skin off moisture faster than anything else and hence you should choose your face washes, body washes, and laundry detergents carefully. To keep your skin moist, you must keep away from harsh detergents and fabric softeners if you have a dry skin. You should instead look for gentle laundry soaps.

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Add dry skin to the list of things you can blame your mom and dad for. Researchers at University of Dundee, Scotland, have found that mutations in genes that control the production of the protein filaggrin, which plays a role in forming and hydrating the skin barrier, can cause several skin conditions. Dry skin may well run in your family and it is essential for you to invest your time into diligent moisturization.

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Hard Water

Hard water is the tap water that contains minerals like magnesium, lead and zinc; these are minerals that can cause your skin to dry. When your skin comes in contact with such hard metals, the oils on it turn into a thick substance that clogs glands. Clogged pores, in turn, cause skin conditions like acne and rosacea and don’t allow the skin to absorb moisture. You would want to install a home filtration system that lightens the mineral content in water. Also, the filtration system should add vitamin A and C to your water because they counteract the coating deposited by hard water.

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Acne Medications

Most over-the-counter acne medications contain chemical exfoliants like retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide which can dry your skin out. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your skin savers to keep your skin moisturised. You could just cut down on their use; reduce their frequency from every day to alternate days or so and use a gentle cleanser that isn't compounding the issue. You could also opt for applying your moisturiser above and not underneath your treatment products.

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Dry Air

Indoor air can be as harmful for your skin as outdoor air. Forced heat especially can bring humidity levels down drastically, making your skin feel dry and itchy. Use a humidifier to restore the moisture in your house. Also, keeping a hydrocortisone cream handy and using it when you see a sign of chapped and dry skin is a good idea. Hydrocortisone has anti-inflammatory properties and can speedily soothe chapped skin.

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Avid Hand Washing

Constant hand washing can make your skin dry. To lessen the drying effects of your hand washing habit, use lukewarm water and a cream-based hand wash. After washing them, you should immediately apply your favourite hand lotion while your hands are still damp. Doing this ensures proper absorption of moisturiser into your skin.

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