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7 Strange Pregnancy Facts we Bet you Didn't Know

Pregnancy is an experience that can’t buy happiness even for all the coffee in the world. But, it can be strange sometimes. Let's tell you the many less-known facets of pregnancy.

Pregnancy By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Nov 26, 2012

Pregnancy can Be Strange

Pregnancy is an experience that can’t buy happiness even for all the coffee in the world. It is a temporary state of spiritual dwelling that only a woman can understand and a mother can relate to. While it is the most intimate feeling for any woman, it can be downright weird as you get to know it better. So, here are some really strange pregnancy facts that we bet you didn’t know about.

Most Babies are Born on Wednesdays

There has been no scientific evidence to support why babies prefer to be born on Wednesdays. In India, it could be the auspiciousness that has been linked to Wednesdays in the ancient scriptures that drives families to ensure their babies are born on Wednesdays via unnatural methods of delivery such as c-section.

Babies in the Womb can Taste Food that their Mothers Eat

Foods with strong flavours such as garlic can pass through the amniotic fluid inside the woman. According to a study, those babies with mothers who drank a lot of carrot juice when they were pregnant with them tended to have a preference for carrot juice.

Two Month Old Babies in the Womb Drink their Own Pee

When the fetus turns 2 months old, it starts to urinate inside the womb only to drink the urine and excrete it again. It is a vicious cycle. You get the picture. Moreover, amniotic fluid is in fact, sterile urine.

Pregnant Women or Mothers can Lactate Automatically

Pregnant women as well as mothers tend to lactate automatically when they hear a baby crying. What is appalling is that they tend to automatically lactate even if the baby is not their own. Can be a nuisance in public spaces, we suppose.


Pregnant Women with Heartburn give Birth to Babies with a Head Full of Hair

You may have put this off as an old wife’s tale, but there is scientific evidence to prove that it is indeed a fact. Scientists suggest that the higher a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels, the more hair growth are stimulated, which also relaxes the oesophagus, leading to acid reflux.

Babies Cry Inside the Womb

Babies have been seen frowning in 4D scans when they were inside the womb. Scientists have also been able to measure breathing patterns of these babies while they were inside the womb and the discovered that the babies do cry. They also add that the frowns and cries may actually not be because they are upset but because they are practicing.

A Pregnant Woman’s Heart Expands during Pregnancy

Apart from the stomach, a pregnant woman’s heart and feet also expand during pregnancy.  The heart of the pregnant woman expands to handle the increase in volume of blood inside the body and the feet swell because of fluid retention as well as stretchiness of ligaments.


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