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Stay Away from these Temptations for a Healthy Living

To put a limit on our temptations is very necessary in order to lead a healthy life. You must know where to draw a line and choose your health over your temptations.

Mental Health By / Mar 29, 2014


Each one of us is tempted towards certain things in life. Some may like to spend hours sitting before the mirror grooming themselves and some may like to drool over their favorite snack whenever it comes in sight. Let's learn 20 such habits which are irresistible and dangerous for our health.

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Treat this as more than a statutory warning that flashes right before your screens before your movie begins. Irrespective of the kind of mood they are in, there are people who cannot do without a smoke. Despite the fact that smoking causes blood to clot which hinders the flow of blood in the body, some people are addicted to it and cannot resist themselves.

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Sleeping without Cleansing Teeth

Mostly all of us experience fatigue at the end of the day to such an extent that we are not left with much strength to hit the washroom and cleanse our teeth after dinner. This leads to production of harmful bacteria in the mouth which causes tooth decay and problems related to gums.

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Touching your Skin Frequently

Some people are used to touch their face at regular intervals. But this can be harmful if you have acne popping out on your face. Touching acne over and over increases the chances of infection on your face.

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Consuming Alcohol in Large Quantity in Small Intervals

Consumption of alcohol in large quantities in short intervals can prove to be fatal. Apart from this, alcohol consumption also leads to problems related to liver, body weight and fatigue.

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Consuming Junk Food

Eating junk food once or twice a week is tolerable but consuming it every now-and-then can have lethal impact on your health as it contains trans fat, sugar and artificial preservatives.

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Being Addicted to Television

Watching television continuously for hours can have dangerous effects on your eyes and heart. If you are spending most of your time sitting before the television, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of a heart attack and obesity.

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Sleeping Late at Night

Many of you would be spending minimal hours of your day sleeping. Some spend their nights studying and some spend it working. But when you get habituated to such a schedule, it has adverse effects on your health.

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Listening to Music all the Time

If you have your ear-phones plugged in for hours, you must go for an ear check up regularly. Many of you treat music as your best companion and therefore you keep your ear-phones plugged in irrespective of the job you are performing. This habit may damage your ears and cause deafness.

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Wearing High Heels

Women who like to look trendy all the time and frequently wear high heels put themselves at a risk of health troubles. High heels can affect your posture and can cause damage to your knees. Also, it can cause troubles in your back and neck.

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Having an Abnormal Diet

Many of us have an irresistible temptation towards food which leads to consume it even when we are not hungry. This ends us up in consuming more calories than what our body actually requires and leads to obesity and other health problems.

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Consuming Pain Killers Frequently

If you are habituated to consume pain killers for normal headaches or during your menstrual cycle, you must stop it at the earliest. These pain killers can have unpleasant effects on your health when you consume them frequently without consulting a doctor.

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Skipping Breakfast

According to many studies, breakfast is the most important meal of your day. If your breakfast consists of a single toast and a cup of coffee, then this will lead you to have a poor health in future.

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Avoiding Work Outs

It is fine to take a break from your regular exercise sessions, but skipping them frequently is not favorable for your health. With regular work outs you can strengthen your immune system and can stay away from obesity.

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Having a Sweet-Tooth

Having sweet dish after food is fine but eating it till it fills up your stomach can lead to obesity and an increased level of sugar in the blood.

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Choosing Loneliness

Many of us like to stay away from the hassles related to the worldly affairs. But choosing loneliness can have adverse effects on your mental well-being. Loneliness can put you at a higher risk of slipping into the state of depression.

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Consuming Coffee Frequently

Each extra cup of coffee which you consume brings you closer to health related troubles. Also, having your coffee garnished with cream, increases your calorie intake. So, if you are addicted to coffee, choose low fat milk and avoid cream in it.

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Eating in Haste

When you eat in haste you cause damage to your digestive system. So, in order to avoid swelling in the stomach eat slowly and chew your food at least 32 times before swallowing it in.

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Being Addicted to Meat

Many of us are addicted to non-vegetarian food and to enhance the taste we often add a large amount of spices to our dishes. But we must limit our intake of red-meat as it is rich in saturated fats. It may lead you to heart diseases and cancer.

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Checking your Weight Regularly

If you are trying to reduce your weight, you must be hitting the weighing machine everyday. This may lead you to reduce your food intake. Therefore, you must check your weight only after a set duration.

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