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Sneak-Peek at Global HIV/AIDS Crisis

With AIDS becoming an ‘International Epidemic’, it has devastated people’s lives across the globe. Check out some facts on AIDS at the global level.

Snr By Gunjan Rastogi / Nov 29, 2012

Facts on 'International Epidemic'

When the first ever case of HIV/AIDS was reported in 1981, no one could have even conjured the state of it being an epidemic without cure as it is today. Termed as an ‘international epidemic’, the pestilent illness has crossed  all the borders to devastate people’s lives. Regrettably, AIDS not only mars an individual’s health but also leads to emotional upheaval caused by social rejection and isolation.

Worldwide Scenario of HIV/AIDS Cases

As per the official site of the U.S Government (AIDS.govt), 33.4 million people are currently living with HIV/AIDS. Since the first case was reported three decades back, more than 25 million people have died because of AIDS worldwide.  Two million people suffering from HIV/AIDS died in 2008 alone.

For every individual starting HIV treatment, there are two new cases

In 2010, almost 2.7 million people got infected by HIV. This accounts for more than 7,000 HIV cases per day. According to the recent data available on HIV, new advancements in HIV treatments are being outdone by the number of cases being recorded. For every patient, who has initiated HIV treatment, two new HIV cases are being reported.

Sub-Saharan Africa the most HIV-affected region

In the recent years, a significant decrease in HIV/AIDS cases has been noted in many countries across the globe, but the lethal disease continues to take a horrendous toll on the sub-Saharan African region. Astoundingly, this region accounts for 80 per cent of the world’s HIV+ women. It is also reported to have 67 per cent of new cases of HIV infection in the world.

Primary cause of the epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa

Unprotected heterosexual intercourse remains the primary cause of skyrocketing HIV/AIDS cases in sub-Saharan Africa. Out of the total cases of HIV in adults, women account for 59 per cent of HIV+ patients in the region. Young women are more vulnerable to the infection i.e. five per cent more likely to become infected with deadly virus than their male counterparts.

What the latest UN figures have to say

With the drop in the number of HIV-infected people in the world, which stands at 33.4 million, it is well indicated that treatment course of HIV has improved greatly. According to figures released by UN in 2011, a steady downfall has been noted in the number of HIV/AIDS deaths and new cases. As per the UN report published just prior to World AIDS Day 2011, the rate of deaths caused by AIDS has decreased to 1.8 million a year from 2.2 million per year.

AIDS cases in homosexuals

According to recent reports, male homosexuals account for more than 50 per cent of total HIV/AIDS cases in the US every year. This stands true for not only the homosexual in US, but also those in Europe and Latin America. Australia and New Zealand also bear the burden of HIV/AIDS cases.


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