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Snacks That Cheese Lovers Will Adore

If you want to munch on something or have invited your friend for a party, there is nothing better to offer than cheesy dishes. If cheese pleases your palate, you need to try these recipes.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Jul 09, 2014

Cheese Foods

A mere mention of cheese brings a smile on our face. If you want to munch something or have invited your friend for a party, there is nothing better to offer than cheesy dishes. If cheese pleases your palate, you need to try these lip-smacking recipes. (Image source:Thinkstock)

Cheese Rolls

Cheese rolls are one of the many tempting cheese foods. You need a flat bread, 100 gm cheese and 150 gm butter. Blend cheese and butter. Apply the mix on each slice and roll it tightly. Keep it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Take it out, apply little butter and bake in a preheated oven for 5 minutes. (Image source:Thinkstock)

Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are prepared with cheese mixture coated in a simple batter and quickly deep fried to golden perfection. The crispy crust and melted cheese sandwich tastes great, with or without dips, dressings and condiments. (Image source:Thinkstock)

Homemade cheese pizza

There is nothing better than freshly homemade pizza. You need two pizza breads, cheese cubes, onions, tomato, cheese spread and capsicum. Cut the veggies into rings and grate the cheese. Put the two on pizza breads and spread the rings evenly. Bake it in a preheated oven for 10 minutes and serve hot. (Image source:Thinkstock)

Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

Hollow out two small tomatoes, and fill them with low-fat cottage cheese. To give it a protein punch, top it with chopped basil or chives. (Image source:Thinkstock)

Chips and Cheesy Dip

Chips and dips are a favorite among kids and adults alike. The combo is just what you need to offer at family gatherings or when friends are home. (Image source:Thinkstock)

Cheese and Veggie Salad

Cheese is packed with protein and calcium this combination can be mixed with sliced vegetables and fruits that are low in calorie. Sliced tomato, green peppers and pears can be added to make the snack highly nutritious and flavorful. (Image source:Thinkstock)

Shredded Cheese

To keep your snacks and meals from getting too cheesy, you can try shredded cheese. No matter which cheesy snack you're choosing, shred your cheese and enjoy those cheesy bites. (Image source:Thinkstock)


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