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Smart Food Choices that Keep you Slender

You don't need to make complicated lifestyle changes to stay slim or plan something that seems difficulty to adhere to. All you need is smart and healthful eating.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Jul 08, 2014

Smart Food Choices Keep Extra Fat Out

Trying to keep extra fat out? You don't need to make complicated lifestyle changes or plan something that seems difficult to adhere to. All you need is to incorporate some smart food choices, portion control and a bit of physical activity. There should be a greater emphasis on choosing healthful foods out of the three if you want to keep yourself slender. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)


Apple is an excellent source of dietary fibre, which contributes to a healthy digestive system, decreased cholesterol and zero weight gain. Apart from fibre, vitamins and minerals not only satiate one but also help manage weight. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)


If you want to stay slender, try giving your breakfast a protein makeover. The key to weight management could be as simple as having two eggs for breakfast. These enhance satiety, thus lowering the overall calorie intake. You will feel full after breakfast and will be less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks later on. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)

Whole Grains

Replace processed, white flour-based products with nutrient-rich whole grains. Whole grain foods give you a healthy dose of fibre that slows digestion and keeps you full for longer. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is as filling as eggs or whole grains. It has plenty of protein and calcium to give you enough energy to last without eating for three to four hours. Make some space for cottage cheese in your diet wagon. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)


You can eat volumes of veggies that have much less calories than most other foods, particularly meat foods. Spinach, in particular, is an excellent food option to keep your energy levels up. Rich in iron, spinach supplies oxygen to your cells to produce energy and burn fat. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)

Fresh Fruits and Steamed Vegetables

Fresh fruits, raw or steamed veggies, serve those best who are trying to lose weight. These are low-calorie, low-fat snacking options that can be eaten when hunger pangs strike. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)


It's true that most veggies make for a great diet fare. Tomatoes might be a particularly good option for keeping extra weight off. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)

Skimmed Milk Products

Always look for milk that is skim or has less fat. A low-fat, plain yoghurt rather than sour cream mixed in the creamy mashed potatoes makes a big difference. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)

Plain Water

Sipping water from time to time is a smart choice. Water fills you up and drinking it cold may even help in speeding up your resting metabolism. You can also add it to seasonal fruits like watermelon and strawberries or herbs such as ginger and mint. (Image source:Thinkstock.com)


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