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Skip these 5 Morning Drinks to Avoid Getting Fat

Weight Management By Arushi Bidhuri / Jan 23, 2019

Morning Drinks and Weight Loss

In their quest for weight loss, many people look for food alternatives and, in the process, resort to fruit juice or coffee. Well, you might be thinking that your morning drinks are helping you lose weight but that’s not the case. In fact, some morning drinks make you gain weight, so you need to avoid these 5 drinks. 

Sweet Lassi

Sweet lassi is quite a favourite among North and West Indians. It is a mixture of yogurt, water and sugar, often taken with paranthas in breakfast. One glass of this drink contains approximately 160 calories. Sweet lassi contains a lot of fat and sugar. Regular consumption of this drink can increase your weight rapidly. 

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Flavoured Milk

Milk is a nutritious drink but adding flavours such as sugar, chocolate, etc. to it can increase the calorie level. This makes it difficult for you to lose weight. The approximate number of calories present in a glass of flavoured milk is 160.

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Orange Juice

Eating fresh fruits is good for your health whereas fruit juice is not so healthy. When the juice is extracted from the fruits, it loses its nutrient value and fiber content. So, the orange juice you are drinking every morning is not helping you lose weight, it is just increasing your calorie intake. A glass of orange juice contains 220 calories (approximately).

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Banana Milkshake

Banana is a breakfast staple in many households and is high in fiber, potassium, good carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. However, if you want to lose weight then you should just curb the intake of banana and milk altogether. A banana milkshake contains about 160-180 calories. Just imagine how much it is adding to your weight?



Health junkies love to drink a glass of smoothie to kick start their day. But do you know how much fat and carbs you consume when you consume a glass of this drink? One serving of smoothie is enough to shoot up your weight. It contains 145-160 calories. So be careful before you choose to drink your favourite smoothie in the morning.

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