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Sizzling ways to Seduce your Partner

If you think that you are missing the spice in your relationship then bring it back with these seductive tips.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 08, 2014

Seduction 101

Seduction is a technique that is easy but you have the panache to get it right. Seducing your partner is important when you realise that there is no spice left in your relationship. Every relationship goes through a dry spell and it is your responsibility to bring back the much needed spice. Here is how you can seduce your partner in some sizzling (that could be a wee bit controversial) ways.

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Flirt with your Partner

Flirting should not end just at courtship; it is a major weapon that helps you to get things going with much spice. Never stop flirting with your partner, you could say naughty things, add double meaning, compliment him or her and more or less keep the thrill on.

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Talk Dirty

Dirty talking has many merits attached to it; it is one of the most effective techniques for seduction. If you are a man then you will have to know for sure whether your woman would like it or find it gross. For women, well, there is nothing more beautiful than an innocent looking angel talk dirty.

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Show some Desperation

You can turn your partner on by acting desperate. Show your partner that you need him or her, and you that you are vying for his or her touch. Just brush up close or keep staring at him or her. Remember that the eyes can say a lot, so you could communicate all your love and desire with your eyes.

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Surprise at Work

Ladies could seduce their men when they are working. Just click a picture of your bare legs and send it to him through your techno phone apps! If you have the time and think it is safe, you could click some more. May be in the evening you can just surprise him at work and go out spontaneously.

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Reveal some of That

One thing that always works is revealing. You could turn on your partner simply by revealing your skin. For women you could wear something that would expose your bare shoulders and some of your cleavage. For men, well you have to work out in order to reveal some good, strong physique.

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Know your Partner

This is a turn on for women because women like to be sure that their men know them well. A man who knows what his partner likes or dislikes is a man who is sure to win in the long run. Just be on your toes and be sure that you know her well, and this includes remembering crucial dates and crucial information.

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Pay Compliments

Women simply love being complimented. When you tell them that they are looking beautiful, it just gets to them. They get turned on immediately and feel confident and happy about their own selves. So by paying compliments to your woman you can do a great deal. For men it is not a very definite turn on tip, most men do not care about getting compliments. They like what they see and that is it.

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Don’t give In

When things are getting heated, do not just in to your partner, instead you should tease him or her a little more. By this we mean that you should simply give what your partner wants and then take it back. This way he or she would be left wanting more and that is good, that is hot.

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Lingerie Shopping

This is a classic. You go out to the mall and you will find scores of girl lingerie shopping with boys. These girls they do such shopping because they mean business. There is something really hot about women shopping for lingerie with their men. Your partner would burn with desire to see you in lingerie.

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Talk and Seduce

Talking is sexy; a person who can talk and impress someone is a person who can get through anything just by the virtue of his or her gab. If you can make love to your partner with words then there is nothing more seductive. Whisper sweet words, whisper promises of love and tell your partner that you desire him or her.

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