6 Natural Sources of Vitamin B17 You Must Include in Your Diet

We all are well-versed with the fact that vitamins are crucial for our health and well being. But we often overlook some of the important vitamins, for instance, vitamin B17. Let’s take a closer look at natural sources of vitamin B17 you must include

Healthy Diet By Tavishi Dogra / Jun 13, 2016
Seeds loaded with B17

Seeds loaded with B17

Do you know what is the best source of vitamin B17? Apricot seeds top and are known as the best source. There are several other sources, which include seeds of: 

  • prunes
  • pears
  • peaches
  • cherries
  • apples

Some others are:

  • flax seeds
  • squash seeds
  • millet seeds
  • buckwheat seeds 

that fulfill the requirements of B12. These seeds also contain various vitamins in moderate amounts. Talking about, flax seeds, they are loaded with omega fatty acids because of which they are also known as vegetarians’ fish. They are a rich source of:

  • micronutrients
  • dietary fiber
  • manganese
  • vitamin B1

Modern research has also discovered evidence to suggest that the flax seeds, can also help lower the risk of: 

  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • heart disease
Nuts loaded with B17

Nuts loaded with B17

Nuts are rich source of various nutrients, minerals and proteins. Almonds, cashew nuts contain vitamin B17. Consumption of almonds on regular basis increases the level of high density lipoproteins and reduces the level of low density lipoproteins. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats and health promoting fats. Almonds can lower LDL cholesterol up to 15 percent for every 7 grams of almonds per day. On the other hand, cashews are effective in lowering blood pressure, making your bones stronger and aiding in weight loss. Besides, they keep you heart healthy and help you keep away from colon cancer.

Fruits containing B17

Fruits containing B17

Berries such as raspberry, strawberry, currants, cranberry, and blackberry contain very good quantities of this anti-cancerous vitamin. Berries are considered special due to their high levels of photochemical that help protect cells from damage.

 Sprouts enriched in B17

Sprouts enriched in B17

Sprouts of alfalfa, garbanzo, and whole green gram are all loaded with B 17. Sprouts of alfalfa are considered good for your kidneys. They also help prevent the development of kidney stones which can be very painful.

Leaves enriched in B17

Leaves enriched in B17

The leaves of alfalfa and eucalyptus contain high amounts of Vitamin B17. So do the leaves of spinach leaves. Spinach leaves are loaded with antioxidants that help in combating the commencement of diseases like atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. These antioxidants are- beta-carotene, manganese, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium.

 Beans enriched in B17

Beans enriched in B17

Opt for assorted beans to get vitamin B17. Choose for fava, black, kidney, lima, and garbanzo that are rich in this vitamin. Cook them or just sprout them and include them in your diet to get this vitamin.

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