Don't Spread the Verbal Venom:Situations in which you must Keep your Mouth Shut

Jul 11, 2014

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    Attaining Truce

    There may have been numerous situations in which you felt a very strong urge to speak your heart out. But, something strongly pulls you back and your lips feel the inability to move. But, have you ever given a thought to what blurting your heart out is really necessary or not? Many of us would nod our head in affirmation because we think that the situation or the person involved would press our buttons so hard that we may not just be able to stay mum.

    It may come as a surprise to some people that keeping shut can sometimes be just the most appropriate thing to do. So, let’s find out a few such situations in which not responding is the key to truce.

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    When you can Offend a Person

    Anger can cause much more destruction than a typhoon. So, in heated situations with the person you love the most you must try to say minimal things. At least in moments when you realize that you can offend the person with your expression, you must try to seal your lips. If you still can’t resist uttering harsh words, remind yourself that you may regret it later.

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    When you Don’t Want to Hurt Feelings

    You may find yourself in situations where you genuinely care for a person and want to give them a very helpful advice. But, you are also quite sure that your advice will bring them face-to-face with reality and break their heart.

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    When it may Look Defensive

    When someone gives you a smart piece of advice, you must always appreciate it and take it as positive criticism. But, when you think that the piece of advice has offended your beliefs, the best you can do is to keep shut. Remember the person does not think evil for you and therefore, your negative reactions can break their heart.

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    When Dealing with an Angry Person

    No matter how senseless you think the person is behaving, it is necessary for you to take it. When you choose to stay quiet and be patient, it will prevent the situation from intensifying and once the person has mollified, you can start making some peace with them.

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    When you are Angry

    The words which you say when you are angry can break someone’s heart beyond repair. You must try not to speak when you are angry and if you do, you must have full control over your tongue.

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    When your Dignity is at Stake

    You will always be surrounded by people who would love to throw tantrums with a motive of degrading you. In such situations if you react, you would end up acknowledging their demeanor. So, it is better to stay quiet and give them some royal ignore.

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    When you See yourself Getting Engaged in an Unhealthy Conversation

    Some people extract immense happiness from having conversations that degrade the other person. They stoop down to all possible levels to get you into a conversation. The easiest escape for you in such situation is to stay calm and quiet.

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    When your Words can be a Reaction to Unruly Behaviour

    Saying something against a person’s behaviour can sometimes agitate them, making them repeat those actions in retaliation. So, if you find out that your words could trigger a negative response it’s better to shut your mouth.

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