Simple Ways you Can be A happy Person Forever

Mar 18, 2014

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    "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

    Talking about wellness, there is a limit to how much you can include in your schedule. You can’t always include a new workout into the mixture just because it seems more promising in the advertisements or put an extra hour in meditating. Sometimes, you just lack the discipline to start over the same routine of laying down the yoga mat and starting over the breathing exercises again. What do you on such days? Quit the routine and keep it simple. Here are some ways in which you can be on your own and in fact, still be the happiest version of yourself.


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    Read a Book

    There are a lot of us who loathe reading, but this is mostly due to the innate fear of getting bored or the difficulty to look up every new word in the dictionary. Reading is for everyday and there are all sorts of book for all the different kinds of people that we are. If you can put in just 20 minutes of your time to reading, make sure you do it. Reading a new book every time you finish one will help you expan your viewpoint and make you a more interesting person.

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    Do Something that you Always Thought was Beyond you

    This activity could be anything ranging from applying for a job that you always thought was hard to grab or asking someone out for a dinner date, etc. You should always find some way or the other to challenge yourself. This will help you to grow and be fearless. Besides, you would learn a lot on your way.

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    Drop one Thing that you Dislike from your Life

    If not every day, try each week to get rid of that one person, thing or task that you do not like even if the object is something as insignificant as the curtains. Things that you own and people that you know must be a reflection of yourself. And if there is something that just doesnt go with your life, get rid of it.

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    Spend Half an Hour by yourself

    If you are too busy to find an hour for yourself, spend at least 30 minutes. You could get a massage or try meditating or even make yourselves a cup of tea. Whatever you pick, remind yourself that you are worth spending 30 minutes or more with yourself every day.

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    Be One Step Closer to your Dreams

    It does not matter how big a step you take to get closer to your goal/dreams. It could be just spending some time thinking about what and how you are going to follow your dreams. Do not stress on measuring the magnitude of your efforts. Just see whether you are on the right direction or not.

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    Be Vulnerable with One Person

    You do not have to be vulnerable to the same person everyday. You could choose your mother, sister or significant other. The idea is to let your guard down and share your feelings with someone. Talking with someone really close will help you realise your strengths and weaknesses.

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    Look into the Mirror and Tell how much you Love Yourself

    Let go of the inhibitions that you have and think about all the nice things that you are. Realise that you are blessed to be who you are. Tell "I love you" to yourself even if it seems funny and embarrassing in the beginning.


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    Groove to your Favourite Song

    Every once in a while, listen to your favourite song and groove to it. You could shut yourself in a room if you are embarrased or shy. It will also act as an exercise. Bingo!

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  • 10

    Compliment Someone

    Everybody loves a compliment or two. So, you could compliment your mother by telling her how well she cooked the lunch or tell your sister that she is wonderful for having watered the plants, etc. There is no derth of finding people who do amazing  things.

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