Simple things you can do when negativity is surrounding you

Jun 07, 2017

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    Spend time with people who make you laugh

    Indeed, positivity attracts positivity. If there comes a day where you are feeling low, where you are not able to see any light or there is no motivation to get on with the day, go and talk to someone who is positive. Yes, we are surrounded with many people who emit this unexplainable light, who are positive in all aspects, inside out. Such people can be easily spotted with an eternal shine in their eyes and a warm smile on their face. If you have any such people around you, go to them when you think the gloom is overpowering your sense of peace. They can turn around things with their positivity.

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    Don’t beat yourself up

    If something is bothering you, just sit in peace for a while and think of ways to solve it instead of letting it snatch away your peace of mind. There will be situations, places and people, who would bother you but just sitting and being bothered will do you no good. Just think of possible solutions, try to resolve things instead of just thinking about it and doing nothing.

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    Realise that it is not permanent

    Nothing is permanent, just like your worries. Know that it is not a bad life, it is just a bad day maybe and you will get through it. The majority of problem arises when we are too consumed with our problems that we are not capable of realising that these problems won’t last for long. Life is full of ups and downs and it is just a rough patch that will pass and sun will shine again.

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    Do not lose yourself

    When you are down, when you are low, do not think of it as an opportunity or a reason to vent it out in an aggressive manner. If you are sad or angry about something, you will definitely lose your mind but this does not mean you can burst out at others. Be wise and quiet when you are low or angry. You never know when you will just lose your cool and wound someone else with your unkind and harsh words, because your anger won’t last but your harshness might last forever.

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