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Top 10 signs of pregnancy

If you missed your period and are suscepting pregnancy, you must watch out for some tell tale signs to confirm it. Home pregnancy tests can help you be sure but how will you know when the right time is to go for one? Only when you know the signs that

Snr By Vatsal Anand / Nov 27, 2012

The classic sign – Missed period

Many women have a regular menstrual cycle. If you too have a regular menstrual cycle and happen to miss one, see your doctor immediately. Menstruation does not occur post fertilisation because the wall of the uterus that is shed during every cycle is required during pregnancy to nurture the baby.


Feeling Nauseous in the Morning?

Morning sickness is common in the second week of conception. But before jumping to conclusions, make sure that it is not due to stress, food poisoning or stomach disorders. It is the spurt of the pregnancy hormone hCG that causes one to feel nauseated.




Your Breasts Feeling Sore?

If you feel a prickly, tingling sensation around your nipples, your breasts are preparing themselves for lactation. The pregnancy hormone can increase blood supply to the breasts even in the earliest phase of pregnancy.



Do you Feel too Exhausted too Early?

If you start to feel unbearably exhausted and don’t know why that is happening, it is time to check for other signs of pregnancy, especially if there is no reason to believe that it is due to overexertion, stress, common cold, depression or any mental strain. It is the dramatic change in the level of progesterone that causes a pregnant woman to be fatigued.

Suffering from Frequent Headaches?

Headaches are a common occurrence during pregnancy and they may start right after conception. There can be other causes of headaches too, but rise of oestrogen levels after conception may well be the reason.


Are you Craving for Imli (tamarind)?

If Bollywood movies are to be taken seriously, the only sign of pregnancy is the woman craving for something sour. The fact is that this craving for food post conception can be for any kind of food, such as dairy products, potato chips, pickles or any food that tempts you.



Do you Visit the Loo Frequently?

After the 6th week of pregnancy, you might need to urinate more frequently. Pregnancy hormones, increased blood supply and volume, and strenuously working kidney bring about this change. If you get a burning sensation while urinating, it might be due to a urinary tract infection.



Are your Nipples Darker than Before?

The round, dark area around your nipples called the areola tend to get darker after pregnancy. The obvious reason being the preparation of the mamary glands to lactate. The nipples also begin to feel more erect and the bumps around the nipples become more pronounced.



Does your Undergarment have a Pink or Brownish Stain?

If you notice a pink or brownish stain in your undergarment, it is a tell tale sign of spotting i.e. implantation of egg in the uterus. You might confuse this with your period, but it is actually the start of pregnancy.

Do you Feel Bloated/ have Painful Cramping in the Belly?

Bloating and painful cramping is common during pregnancy because of the sluggish intestines that are a result of excessive progesteron circulating all over the body. Treating constipation could help ease the problem of bloating.

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