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Signs you believe it is Wrong to be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy and rise above their problems to live a more fulfilling life. Simply believing ‘happiness is wrong’ is wrong!

Mind Body By Himanshu Sharma / Dec 09, 2014

Why You Don't Want to Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy and rise above their problems to live fulfilled lives. The circumstances are not always on our side and can affect our emotions making us dissociate from life and avoid happiness. You may go into doldrums thinking it is impossible to experience happiness. In times like these, you should not sulk in sadness but think of what the consequences of self-sabotaging happiness could be. Simply believing ‘happiness is wrong’ is wrong! (Image source:Geetyimages.in)

Feeling Good makes you Feel Guilty

Do you think that you are doing something wrong when you are feeling good? It is a sign of you thinking that happiness is a sin. It is common with most people to feel guilty when they do something wrong, but feeling guilty when you are enjoying is only denying yourself of happiness. It is mostly because you spend time or grew up with people who do/did not allow you to be happy or express joy. It is through that process that you learned it was wrong to be joyful. This could be one reason that you don’t think of letting loose and having a good time. (Image source:Geetyimages.in)

You are in a Rut all the Time

If you're not where you'd like to be but find yourself in a rut all the time, you are probably doing things that you should not be doing. As a result, you think that happiness is not for you. Get up and try walking a different path. Things wouldn’t fall in place on their own and destiny wouldn’t simply knock at your door, but you have to work on it and make everything happen. Try shaking things up and you wouldn’t feel the same again. (Image source:Geetyimages.in)

You feel Anxious about being Happy because it doesn't last

It may be so that you don’t want to trust happiness because it seems unfamiliar. And, you get anxious thinking it will remain only for a short moment and something bad will succeed. You just can’t believe that it can last. The feeling just doesn’t allow you to believe that happiness is here to stay, but it only feels like you are setting yourself up to get blindsighted by something terrible. (Image source:Geetyimages.in)

You Cannot Enjoy the Moment

Happiness is everywhere, not seeing and feeling it is just a waste of time. Live like there's no tomorrow, realise that there is beauty in every moment, and whatever you do. Treat that gift of life you’ve got, now live! Avoiding happiness is like avoiding peace and presence. Dance like nobody's watching for once and see how good it can make you feel. Try to pay attention to your senses — touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Take a moment to slow down and try to savour the present. (Image source:Geetyimages.in)

You cannot Define your Purpose of Life

What is the meaning of life? What should I do with my life? You have no answers to these questions. Everyone has perhaps asked you about the purpose of your life at one time or another, but the answers have never been conclusive. Life with a meaningful purpose gives you lasting happiness. Living with a sense of purpose is a huge need and it is something that may be making you avoid happiness. Just find how you fit into this life. And, if you know the meaning of life, don’t lose it. (Image source:Geetyimages.in)

You are Overly focused on what others Want

Being concerned about the needs of others and helping them is noble, but not when you are only concerned about them at your own expense. This makes your behaviour your worst enemy. Understand self-worth and avoid wasting all your mental and emotional energy on others. Tell yourself that you deserve much of it. (Image source:Geetyimages.in)

You Let others Take you for Granted

If you don't express your wants and desires, let others take advantage or take them for granted or never speak up for yourself, you may think happiness is wrong. You should stop being content with what you get but search your happiness and reach out for your slice of happiness. It’s not something that is out of your reach. (Image source:Geetyimages.in)


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