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Signs you are Not Respecting Yourself and Ways You Can

If you deny self-love, you are perhaps a truly unfortunate soul. But, there is no immortality to this state of being. You can start respecting yourself today by acknowledging these common signs.

Mental Health By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Feb 03, 2015

Self-love Demands to be Felt

Self-loathing-a by-product of self-disrespect-can be so savagely stuck to some people’ lives that they wake up praying for the night to fall so they can crawl into their blankets and forget the world. Such people spend a good deal of their waking hours getting besotted with what others are and what they themselves aren’t. If you are one such person, you must realise that the one most important person in your life is you. If you aren’t sure whether you could be disrespecting yourself, take a look at these 5 accurate signs.

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You are Forever Jealous of Other People’s Success

Ideally, if you loved yourself how you should, you’d seek inspiration from someone who is more accomplished or skilled and not jealously. If your thoughts aren’t healthy when you hear of a nerdy friend from school now travelling all over the world, you are disrespecting yourself. Feelings of inadequacy and bitterness may sometimes, be so intense that you’d start to hate the other person when in reality, you are actually hating yourself.

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You have a Hard Time Taking Care of Yourself

All these may be on your list of priorities, but they just don’t seem to work out with you even when you finally get the time.  Moreover, when you love someone, you do not want to hurt them. For instance, you wouldn’t shove cigarettes butts into a non-smoking boyfriend’s mouth or feed your pet when it is wailing with hunger. Similarly, if you loved yourself, you wouldn’t indulge in activities that your body would hate. Those people who love themselves consider it rather mandatory to engage in every day rituals of nourishment as well as care.


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Telling White Lies for you is a Chronic Disease

If you find yourself fabricating things even when it isn’t necessary, you are a bonafide chronic liar. It also implies that your relationship with yourself is synthetic. People who chronically lie tend to do so because they are forever seeking the acceptance and approval of others. When you are in a self-loving state, you tend to have both acceptance as well as approval at your disposal. Besides, loving yourself allows you to fill up the gaps in your weaknesses so that with each passing day you can be a better person.



You Feel Happy only When Everything Happens Your Way

This may seem like an obvious thing. After all, why would you be cheerful when nothing is going the way you want it to? But, apparently when you respect and love yourself, you take these unexpected, unfortunate happenings to different incarnations of life’s adventures. For instance, if you are crazy about your partner, you would enjoy a stale pastry on a sultry afternoon and feel nothing less than happy, but if you are not, these things will drive you inexplicably insane.

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You Abhor Yourself more for having Any of the Above Signs

If you are feeling guilty or scornful because you just discovered that you could be suffering from lack of self-love, you must know that you are overloading on judging yourself. You should try not to set standards for yourself by measuring your worth by numbers and expectations. Instead, you should acknowledge and strive to start respecting yourself.


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Know Yourself

As you ask and answer to questions about your virtues and vices, you will be able to appreciate your uniqueness and identify yourself as a separate being instead of just a knot in the thread. Discover what your principles, talents and disciplines are. Stop depending on seeking approvals from other people; instead start developing your own standards.


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Be Accommodative of Criticisms

To truly respect yourself, you must be aware of the person you truly are. Try to understand that nobody’s perfect. If someone gives you constructive feedback, make sure you take it into account instead of being defensive. You should always use criticism for self-improvement. But, of course if someone is trying to hurt you and is being mean, then you must not pay heed to it.

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