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Signs that Tell you that your Body Lacks Vitamin D

Vitamin D is extremely hard to extract from foods. Therefore, you must keep a check on its consumption and notice if there is a deficiency in your body.

Exercise & Fitness By Vasudha Bhat / Apr 25, 2014

The Silent Killer

When your body contains sufficient amount of vitamin D its results are quite clear. Your bones are stronger, you have a happy mood, and you are able to lose weight efficiently. However, when it comes to being deficient of vitamin D, the symptoms are mostly not noticeable. Hence, if you come across any of the below mentioned health issues do consider a vitamin D deficiency check-up.

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Muscle Weakness

If you notice a decrease in your muscle size, your muscles and nerve tissues may be facing vitamin D deficiency.

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When your body lacks sufficient vitamin D it starts losing the fight against depression. Many studies have shown that people who have ample amount of vitamin D in their body can successfully combat sadness and depression.

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Chronic Pain

If you are experiencing chronic pains, you must get yourself checked for vitamin D deficiency.

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Stress Fractures

Vitamin is responsible for the growth of bones and its deficiency may cause weakness. This increases the risk of stress fractures.

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High Blood Pressure

Vitamin D regulates blood in the body and its deficiency causes increase in the blood pressure. Vitamin D also plays an important role in maintaining heart health.

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If your body lacks vitamin D, you are more likely to feel sleepiness throughout the day.

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Irritable Mood

If you were wondering what is causing your extreme cranky behaviour, you must think of getting your vitamin D levels checked. Vitamin D affects the levels of serotonin in the brain which has a role to play in your mood fluctuations.

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