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Signs that your Relationship is Beyond Saving

Many break-ups are a result of unnecessary differences and you don’t want to be one of those couples who make their relationship succumb to unreasonable fights. Hence, trying to save the relationship is what you believe in. But, are you sure that the

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Oct 29, 2014

It's Time!

Your relationship may mean the world to you and ending it may look like the end of time. But, at times the amount of contentment your relationship gives you is nothing compared to the efforts you are putting in to make it work. If you have not realized that your relationship has hit a rocky patch yet, it is time to set yourself free. Giving up on someone very special may take a toll on emotional well-being but, it’s just a phase. Following are some signs that will tell you if it is no more worth trying to save the ailing relationship.

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You can’t Recall Anything Good about the Relationship

When was the last time the two of you spent some alone and romantic time? When did they last express their love? Has it been too long that you made them feel special? If finding answers to questions like these is tough for you, it is time you must call it quits.

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Being with someone Attractive Makes you Feel Good

While you are in a relationship, it does happen that you end up finding a passerby attractive, but looking at them cannot harm. But, when you have lost the zeal to keep the bond with your current lady/man strong, you may start finding happiness in staying with an attractive person of opposite sex without letting your partner know about it.

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Unnecessary Arguments Take Place

Fights are a part of every relationship. In fact, little arguments and disagreements keep the relationship alive. However, when these fights and arguments become an everyday thing and are absolutely senseless, it is time you let go off the relationship.

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You don't see Things Working Out

No relationship can ever run smooth. There are various factors of your life which can have an effect on the relation. But, when the relationship is strong enough it can handle the hiccups. However, if the issues start popping up within the relationship, the problem is serious.

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There is Zero Compatibility Level

The best way to judge your compatibility level is to look at each other’s future plans. If you don’t fit into their future plans or they into yours, then there is something definitely wrong with the relationship which most probably cannot be fixed.

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Feeling Out of Balance

If you have developed a feeling off late that there is no balance in the relationship, it is a serious concern. A relationship may seem to be out of balance when you feel that the other person is leading the relationship. It can make you feel that the relationship is not going anywhere.

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You become Dissatisfied

Being loved by someone makes you a better person than you used to be. You are confident, calm, poised and content with life. However, when the relationship starts going haywire, you may find it hard to stay calm in certain situations, you may become rude to people unnecessarily and you will just seize to know how to handle situations.

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