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Signs that Your Partner is Using You for Sex or Money

How would you find out if your partner is with you for only sex and money? Well, these 9 signs will tell you if it is right to go on or move on.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 19, 2014

The Insidious Wants

Life makes you run into people who might use you for VIP treatment at the hottest clubs, blue chip connections in the business world or just someone to cry on when the things get tough. But worse than just knowing such a person is dating one. This person might be using you for money or sex or both and you won’t realise it until you have given it all to them. You don’t want a person to take advantage of your body and wallet, so read these tell-tale signs to know if you should go on or move on. Image Courtesy: Getty


Hanging out at Odd Hours

If your partner always wants to catch up with you at 2 a.m., and not during the daytime even when you know they are awake and active, there might be something fishy to their intentions. Sometimes it’s okay because of time constraints but not always. Unless you spend these late night dates talking, bonding or just cuddling at home, all that this person is concerned about is gettng you down and dirty. Image Courtesy: Getty


Hanging out at Home or Hotels

So they turn down when you ask them out for a movie, coffee, or lunch date but are always excited to know when your parents are out for a vacation. You can get a nice date or two out of someone who’s using you for sex. But at the end of each date, there will always be hints for you to drop by their pad for “coffee.” Image Courtesy: Getty


Inconsistent Contact

If a person is using you for sex, they will only be consistent in their wants for it; apart from that, phone calls, text messages or invitations to hang out will be minimal. Just when they start to feel that you are slipping away, they will reach out again and try to get back in your good graces… or your pants. Image Courtesy: Getty


Their Friends don’t Know You

If your partner’s friends can’t seem to form a connection with you or they don’t even try to talk to you, this can be a sign that your significant other has told them that he/she doesn’t even expect you to stick around when the passion has subsided. Image Courtesy: Getty


They Expect You to Pay for Dates

Once they stop paying for dates (after the initial ones) they’ll never start again. And the worst part is that future dates become increasingly more expensive than the first few ones that they paid for! You have to pay for all of these extravagant ones. Image Courtesy: Getty


They always Whine for Money

They’re always broke for some reason and always have a sob story that only money can solve. You, like a good human and considerate lover, always lend them that but they never bother to return it; not even when you desperately need some money. That’s when you know they are with you only for your money. Image Courtesy: Getty


They Argue a Lot about Money

You’ve probably tried more personalized and heartfelt ways of showing your love in the form of love letters, office surprises or breakfast in bed. But it seems like the happiness of your significant other is directly proportional to the dent they leave on your bank account. Run! Image Courtesy: Getty


They are too Proud of Your Possessions

They may not be proud of your achievements and qualities but they certainly are gallant of your fancy car or the affluent part of the town you live in or your six digit monthly salary.  Image Courtesy: Getty


They don’t want to Earn

You might be feeding, clothing and housing someone who just wants to bask in your riches. On one hand, it may feel good that your partner needs you. But on the other hand, the dependence on your pay check may be more than you can bear! Image Courtesy: Getty


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