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Signs that you should Let it go

We often think that letting go can be one of the toughest things to do in life. But when you do it, you realize that it wasn’t that difficult and you had been sticking around a person who did not deserve your time. Here are some reasons that will giv

Dating By Vasudha BhatNov 29, 2014

Your Key to Happiness

While you are trying to hold on to something bravely, there is a part of you which wants to let go off. We often think that holding on to something makes you strong but, at times setting something free can make you stronger and happier. It is only for you to recognize the signs and then act over them accordingly. Following are few indications that will help you identify the right moment when you must seize to be strong and start being happy.

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When you Stop being Yourself

Golden rule of every relationship: accept the person the way they are. A little compromises here-and-there are fine though. However, when you can see it clearly that you have to choose between being who you are and sticking around with a person, you must make a wise choice by not defying the golden rule. The void created in your life by a person’s absence will be filled eventually but, filling a void inside yourself is clearly not impossible.

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When a Person’s Action and Words are Poles Apart

You definitely deserve a person who can be a part of your future plans. However, if someone does not make you feel that way it is time to let them go. Also, if you see that they have been consistently being unable to deliver their promises and their actions and words move in different directions, it is time for you to choose a different path. Staying alone is always a better than being in a bad company.

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When you are Begging for Love

Always remember that love cannot be forced. When you find yourself begging someone to love you, it is time for you to hit the moment of realization soon. Love is all about freedom and if the other person feels suffocated in a relationship, it will sooner or later sabotage the feeling of love. If someone is truly in love with you they would stick around no matter what. You will meet many people who would confess their feelings to you but only a few would actually be able to prove their love. It would definitely take you sometime to find the right person but when once you have them you would realize that the wait was completely worth it.

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When Someone is No More Worth Trusting

Trust forms the basis of every relationship. When you blindly trust someone, it can lead to two things; you may have a companion for life or may have a lesson for life. You must convince yourself first that the person is worth trusting or not and the result will show you the right way. While you ponder over this fact, you must prepare yourself for surprising outcomes.

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When Someone does not Understand your Worth

To make someone fall in love with you, it is necessary for you to fall in love with yourself first. When you are with a person who does not respect you, humiliates you every now-and-then and tries to malign your honour it may not be worth sticking around. When someone really wants you to stay in their life, they will look for ways to make it happen.

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When you cannot Put your Point Forward

In other words you can call it dominance. Arguments are a part of relationship but, it can get ugly when you are not allowed to speak your mind. You must be able to speak your heart out which will help both of you to be honest with each other and the relationship.

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When you are often Made to Sacrifice your Happiness

Compromises are healthy for a relationship but, only till the time both the parties are doing it. If only you are made to do all the compromises and sacrifice your happiness in order to keep the relationship healthy, your relationship requires some second thoughts.

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