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Signs that Tell you are Dating a Psycho Girlfriend

As if reading a woman’s mind was a cakewalk that you had to also end up dating a psycho girl. Dating a crazy woman could be your worst nightmare. Feel the waves? Let's see if you can put the "psycho" stamp on your girlfriend.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Apr 17, 2015

Crazy Side Up!

We all have a crazy side to our personalities. But knowing where to draw a line is what makes us different from a psychopath. And obviously, when you are dating, you don’t want a psycho girlfriend to play around with your feelings or your mind. So, here are some signs that will help you unveil what is behind your girlfriend's coyishness.

Crazy Eyes

Crazy eyes could be a result of sleeplessness, stress, etc. and that is perfectly normal for anyone. However, if crazy eyes are a part of her personality, then you are in for some real trouble.

Mood Swings

She is in love with you one moment and the next she wants to butcher you with a knife. One moment she can’t imagine her world without you and the next moment, she thinks it isn’t working for her. If all this happens frequently and even when she is not PMSing, you are definitely dating a crazy chick.

Missing Texts and Mails

If she finds anything objectionable in your mailbox, she does not believe in confronting you. Instead, she deletes them secretly. Even if the mail isn’t what she thinks it to be and even if it was extremely important for you, she deletes it.

She Wants you to Trust her! Only her!

Chances are that there are people who know about her craziness and she plans to hide it away from you. She will therefore, compel you to believe her, and ONLY her. Everything else is a lie.

She Suffers from Narcissism

She thinks that everyone around her wants to ruin her relationship with you. And it is for a simple reason that she thinks everyone is jealous of her. There are only two kinds of people for her: ones who adore her and others who envy her.

She Never Changes her Mind

Once she has her mind fixed on somethiing, she would never change it, even if you try to inject some sense into her. No matter how illogical her thoughts are, she would cling on to them.

She Thinks All her Ex Boyfriends are in Love with her

In her mind, she is too adorable and there is no reason why anyone wouldn’t love her. Which is why she thinks all her ex boyfriends are still in love with her.

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