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Signs that he is Ready for Marriage and Signs that he isn’t

Men like to be reckless throughout their bachelorhood. But, when it comes to getting married, they can undergo an unbelievable transformation. Despite the change, believing that he is absolutely ready for marriage may be a little tough for a woman.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Oct 16, 2014

Men will be Men!

The entire male fraternity believes in enjoying their bachelorhood to the fullest. And, one can be sure that a man is relishing his single status by looking at the man’s way of living. During college days, most men keep their rooms smelling like gym shorts and beer cans and their extravagant expenditures leave them broke by the end of the month. When judging a man at this stage of life, imagining him with a wife, kids and a well-kept house sounds a little crazy. Despite all this, it is these men who end up making great life partners. However, the doubt may still find a place inside your head over the strength of their shoulders, which may not be ready to take up the responsibilities of a married life. Here are few tips that will help you judge a man on his readiness to tie the knot.

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Making Big Decisions is Discomforting for Him

If he has been reluctant towards getting married, it might not be all. If he is unable to make decisions for his career, his place for living or other financial matters, then he surely isn’t ready to settle down.

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You are not a Part of his Future Plans

He must have been making big plans for his future, which may involve his career, his financial stability and his family. But, did you notice that those plans did not include you? These things matter because if you are not a part of his future he surely does not picture himself with you.

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Your Long Term Goals are Never Asked About

This will also help you decide whether getting married now is on his priority list or not. If he has not been thinking of a life with you, your future plans will never be asked about or discussed.

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He is Bad at Handling Conflicts

Fights are a part of every relationship. So, you could judge him by observing his reaction at the time of a spat. Does he blow things out of proportion or does he calm you down and explain things wearing a smile on his face? Answering this will help you decide if he is ready to tie the knot or not.

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He Avoids your Family

If he does not like talking about your parents or avoids attending meetings which have your parents around, he surely isn’t picturing them as his future in-laws.

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He No More Likes Going to Bars

If you have been noticing a sudden reluctance in him towards visiting his once upon a time favourite bar, you guys are surely clicking. He has now matured enough to change his priorities, which surely do not include pool halls and dance clubs. It is time for him to make big decisions, which include settling down.

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He has his Finances Sorted

When a man has big plans like marriage on his mind, the first thing he wants to be sorted about is his finances. He will be financially independent and he will make sure that he does not have to struggle while paying the bills after marriage.

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He Talks about Kids

When he is ready for marriage, in all probable cases he will also be ready to have kids with you. If you find him talking about plans to have kids, he is definitely ready to get hitched.

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